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tutorial built in bookcase Built In Bookcase Tutorial

I have been wanting custom built-in bookcases for a few years now. And although I had no idea how to build them, I was tired of waiting to save up the money to hire a professional to build them for me. I figured it can’t possibly be that hard.

And it’s really not! It’s actually a pretty easy project! And I am here to tell you that you can easily do it on your own!


Materials: (I’m not going to go into detailed measurement because it depends on the size of the bookcase that you are building)

  • 8 foot by 12″ boards
  • 8 foot by 6″ boards
  • 1″ by 1″ boards (these are used to support the shelves)
  • wood screws
  • lattice- is used to cover up all the cracks, screws etc. Make it look finished and pretty. I think the ones I used were 2.5″ wide.
  • wood glue
  • finishing nails
  • level

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Why I’m Not So Good at Balancing Motherhood & Blogging

PinExt Why Im Not So Good at Balancing Motherhood & Blogging

DIYMamaImage2 Why Im Not So Good at Balancing Motherhood & Blogging

When Meagan approached me about participating in this blog series, Balancing Motherhood & Miter saws, I thought she was crazy.

I haven’t blogged in six months. So why would she want me giving advice!

Blogging is hard. Having a DIY blog means big projects. Like turn your daily life upside down kind of projects. Painting rooms, carpentry work, demolition, messy, time-sucking, expensive kind of projects.

plank wall diy Why Im Not So Good at Balancing Motherhood & Blogging

I actually love a good DIY project. But I have a husband who does not. He hates the mess, and really doesn’t care if we have a plank wall or not.

And as for my kids, who are now 6 and 4, I’m finding it way harder to do DIY projects now that they’re older. Is that crazy. I thought it would get easier as they got older. Not the case. No more naps, still waking up at 6 am, and they now have a crazier schedule than I do. Between school events, sporting activities, birthday parties and play dates there is NO time.

I just blog when I can now.

This past weekend my husband and I decided to tackle a little project that I have wanted to do since we moved into our house 6 years ago!

We built a little closet fort in my son’s bedroom. It’s not done yet. Still needs a railing, some lighting, and I want to make some artwork for it. But it’s ok for it to not be perfect. My kids certainly don’t care that’s incomplete. They’ve already spent endless hours in their little closet fort. And they DON’T care about how pretty and put together the space is. They’re going to destroy it anyways!bedroom reading nook Why Im Not So Good at Balancing Motherhood & Blogging

Want to have a half complete closet nook too? Then check out my link here.

Now I want to see how all these other blogger moms do it!

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Day 2 Mamas:

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