Don’t Forget to Wash Your Hands

Normally I’m not a sucker for all those gadgets out there that we’re told you absolutely must have.  But this is one that I feel has made my life a little easier.

We had bought a little step stool for my son to use in the bathroom.  But he was still not able to reach the faucet.  So he was constantly needing my help to lift him just a few inches closer to reach the water.  Of course he always seems to need my help right in the middle of a phone call, or a diaper change, or making dinner.  At least it seems like that.

So for $12 I picked up the Aqua Duck Faucet Extender from Amazon, and couldn’t be happier.  It just slips onto any faucet, including the bathtub faucet.  My youngest son went through a phase where he hated taking baths. So one night I pulled off the faucet extender and put it in the bath and he loved the little waterfall it created.  It got him into the tub, and he let me wash him without a huge struggle. Awesome.