Goldfish Machine

Not sure if this is the worst idea I have ever had or not!  But it’s been fun and the kids are over the moon excited about it.  So I guess I can deal with it.

On our recent trip home to Ontario we took a trip to our old favourite Sunday hang out Aberfolye Antique Market.  Of course I find loads of stuff that I would love to have come home with me, but with our mini-van filled to the top with the kids crap stuff we had no more room.  These kids ruin everything! 

Anyways one of my favourite finds was a vintage bubble gum machine for $20.  The pop of red would be perfect in my kitchen.  

Once home I made 2 trips to find a similar bubble gum machine at the Raleigh Flea Market but had no luck. Craig’s List to the rescue.  I found a reproduction bubble gum machine (turns out those bubble gum machines from the 80’s are a hot collector’s item these days) for $30.  Offered $20 and agreed to $25.  Not bad. 

It came attached to a little stand.  Not a big fan so it had to go.  I just had to twist it off.  No prob.

Next I had to switch the machine from coin operated to “free spin”.  I was tempted to leave it as coin operated and made a bit of money from the boys and their friends, but thought that may lead to some complaints.

I found this easy to follow tutorial Free Spin Tutorial.  I opened my machine up and then realized the previous owner had already changed it to a free spin.  Guess I should have checked first.

It now sits on our kitchen hutch and the boys love it.  The first couple of days they stuffed themselves with goldfish and I was beginning the think their little bodies might actually turn orange.  But the novelty has worn off and they use it only when hungry for a little snack.  

It has actually cut down on the constant “Mom I’m soooooooooo hungry, I need a snack”.
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4 thoughts on “Goldfish Machine

  1. what a brilliant idea! much better than gorging on gumballs! i even have one stuffed in the back of a closet. i guess it’s time to dust that baby off!

  2. This is a super cute idea!!! But I’m curious, did you have any problems with the crackers going stale?

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