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As the parent of  2 young kids I hear the craziest, silliest, and funniest things all day long.  After some ridiculous comment or question from my 3 year old, I always find myself saying oh I have to remember this one.  Later that same day I would have totally forgotten what it was that I found so hilarious 3 hours earlier. 

This was sad to me.  I knew that once the boys were grown I would have no memory of these silly things they said on a daily basis.  I mean I couldn’t even remember it on that same day.

My solution

I found this little index card wheel made by Real Simple for Target, for around $5.  It’s hard covered  and has a thick cord that keeps it closed.  It is perfect for keeping in my bag!  Now normally anything that goes into my bag comes out covered in juice and smushed up goldfish, but I have been carrying this around for almost a year and it is still in great condition!  Seriously it’s a miracle, or it’s just really well made.  So now when we are out and about and one of the kids says something funny I have somewhere to record it.

It’s so simple an easy, and now I can report all the funny things to Dad at the end of the day.

Plus I plan on keeping these to remember how innocent and fun my kids once were.  Assuming this will be handy in about 10 years when they become angry, crazy teenagers.
Yes, giant boogers come up a lot in conversation around here.

On the front (inside) cover I glued a picture of my boys.   Now  I have a little visual of what they looked like at this age when  I’m reading all these funny and crazy things 30 years from now.

I would love to hear what others have done to remember their kids funnier moments.

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2 thoughts on “Kids Quote Book

  1. "Dinosaur Poop" sounds like something my boys would also talk about! lol. It's never to late to record all their funny sayings. I'm sure they still have years of funny sayings still left in them!

  2. Ok I seriously love this idea!!! I have to do this! I am so upset I didn't know about this sooner. My kids are always saying crazy things that I think "I have to remember that" and then I forget about it, and on Monday my oldest will be going to kindergarten…I cringe at all the things I will miss of her little life now.BTW love the giant booger…LOL Today my kids had a 10 minute conversation about "dinosaur poop" because they were eating chocolate covered raisins…LOL

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