My Topless BFF

Since this is my birthday weekend, yes I have convinced my kids that the entire weekend is my birthday.  We strapped the boys into their strollers and headed to the Raleigh Flea Market on Saturday.  By the way Saturday is a much better day to go than Sunday.

I gave the boys $1 each to find a toy.  Jack found the long sought after Mario Andretti from “Cars” the movie.  Yup we’re developing their thrill of the hunt early.  And Sam found himself another lawnmower.  He has a strange love for lawnmowers. I hope he still has this love when he is 13 and old enough to put his passion to use.

As for me, my find was this darling little cabinet.  I walked by it a few times admiring it, but wasn’t really sure about it.  I wasn’t sure because it was topless!  Yes that’s right an x rated cabinet.   

The asking price was $45, so of course I asked if he would do $40 and he agreed.  Should have offered $35, darn it.

Can’t wait to find some time now to refinish it and make it decent again!

Updated cabinet post to come soon, (I hope).

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