Part 2 : 25+ Craft Projects for $1 or less from the ReStore

Welcome to Part 2 of my series on great finds at the ReStore, and the possible Pinterest projects you can make with all this cool stuff!  

What I love about the ReStore is that they have so much stuff and you are quaranteed to find all these items every single time you enter a ReStore.  I always find these great blog posts where someone has found an awesome item for basically nothing at either a garage sale or Goodwill. But I never seem to have that same luck.  But at the ReStore you can always find these items, and for next to nothing.

Here are some additional fun finds at the ReStore that didn’t make it into Part 1: 25+ Craft Projects for $1 or less at the ReStore.
So this one doesn’t really have “Possible Pinterest Projects” to go along with it.  But I just had to share. Who knew that the ReStore sold trees and shrubs? And I mean lots of them!  All for only $5!  Even the 8 ft trees were $5, you would pay at least $100 for the same tree at a nursery.

This would be a great option for creating a privacy wall in your garden or for cheap landscaping when getting ready to sell a house.
Now this is one category that the supply does vary.  But here are some examples of furniture makeovers you are likely to find at the ReStore.
If you haven’t checked out Part 1 of my ReStore series head over to 25 + Craft Projects for $1 or less at the ReStore.

I hope I have given you some inspiration!  

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Happy Crafting!

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12 thoughts on “Part 2 : 25+ Craft Projects for $1 or less from the ReStore

  1. I am a little late to the party here but I have to say–Your Habitat looks and sounds FAB–where as ours—well—-

    I have never seen ANY of these things there except for maybe the lighting. Which of course I was not looking for. They had tiles–but they were from a retail store that was doing a promo along with vinyl snap laminate and these were NOT really cheap. You could go to their store and they would donate a % to Habitat–nice; but still retail.

    We have gone there several times looking for things and only once managed to find anything—we did manage to get two tall cabinets from a great name brand to flank our new larger TV and place some cubbies underneath. These started out as a three piece “Entertainment Center” but the center piece was way too big for us —I managed to persuade the Mgr to sell us just the side shelves after I mentioned it had been there awhile and it was really LARGE together and maybe some one would LOVE the center section. But I still had to pay $120 for the two pieces.

    My husband is a window and door specialist and was shocked at some of the prices–both cheap and spendy!–for used or donated new pieces. And his store DONATES to this same place!

    I was looking at their kitchen cabinets–we have the oldest trashiest cabinets almost anything would be an improvement—and was kinda shocked at the price for really sad looking pieces and broken granite.

    You could–if you found a granite piece large enough–have it re-cut for a short section or table top or island or maybe a bath–but you would have to find a stone yard or tombstone place willing to do that if you don’t have the right saw.

    I guess I have “Habitat Envy”!!!!!

  2. Wow I wish my Restore stores were as good as yours. In my area there are 3 that I know of and only one is any good and it’s still not half as good or as cheap as yours is! I never see half the stuff you listed! Still, good inspiration here!!

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  5. Camille thanks so much for checking out my blog. I am a huge fan of your site! I am brand new at this blogging thing (only been doing it for a month) so I am trying to learn everything I can about blogging. So I would love to check out your blogging conference. Thanks so much!

  6. Oh my gosh- what a fun post! I have been meaning to go to ReStore, but just have not ever made it there and this post makes me realize that I am missing out! :) I found you on Pinterest and just wanted to come stop by and check out your blog. I also wanted to invite you to our first blog conference: Build Your Blog. It is going to be in February 2013 and will be a fun day to network with other bloggers and learn the ins and outs of blogging . . . we would love to have you come! (PS We are going to be giving out some free tickets in the next few weeks!).Have a great weekend!

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