Part Two – How to Clip Coupons

cut your grocery bill in half

First I run out early Sunday morning to grab my newspapers from my driveway before my neighbours discover that I’m one of those crazy couponers.

I pull out the coupon inserts.  These change week to week.  This week was a good week for coupons as there were 4 inserts.

I use a black marker to write the date on each insert.  We are keeping the inserts after we clip our coupons (explain why later).

I cut out the coupons I think I will actually use.  Some people clip every single coupon, I find this to take too much time.

I place all the inserts (with all the leftover coupons that I decided not to clip) in a file (file is also dated) and I place the file in chronological order inside a milk crate that I picked up at Target for $3.  Keeping the inserts is key to getting the best deals.  Often you don’t clip a coupon because it’s not something you would purchase. But sales occur every week that make items free (coupon + sale).  I will often donate these items to charity.

coupon binder

Next I put all coupons in my coupon binder.  This binder is a necessity. I purchased mine from Coupon Pro for $40, but they are currently on sale for $34.95. I know that is a lot of money for a binder but it’s not just a binder.

What I love most about my binder is that you can zip it shut (can’t tell you how many times my kids have dropped it from the shopping cart). And it has a handle.  So when I’m walking into the store carrying my one year old, my purse, my reusable shopping bags, and holding my 3 year olds hand I can at least put the coupon binder over my shoulder.

The binder is divided into sections (ie. frozen food, canned goods, cereal, meat, dairy, baby, etc.).  

The first page in my binder has 3 pockets. 

1. “This Week”- I put all the coupons I plan on using that week into this pocket. 

“Checkout”- once I but an item in my cart I put that coupon in the “checkout” pocket.  So that I have them all right there when I go to pay.

“Re-file”- If I have pulled a coupon and planned on using it but don’t end up buying that item (may be out of stock, decide I don’t need it etc). I put that coupon in the “re-file” pocket. When I get home I put the coupons back in their proper section (ie. frozen food) so they can be used another time.

I also carry a small calculator, extra pens, and a spreadsheet scrap of paper that I use to record my couponing savings during each shop.  

Now we need to go shopping!  Check out Part 3: Using Your Coupons

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