Time Out Chair

Couldn’t resist this cute little child’s chair.  For $5 how could I not buy it?  Unfortunately I bought it pre-blog and I didn’t take a before photo of it, but it was pretty beat up.  Imagine a chair with paint splatter all over it.

kids time out chair

I gave it a coat of spray primer and 4 coats of red spray paint to clean it up.  Of course my kids picked red.  They want everything painted red.  My oldest even asked if we could sell our house and move into a red house.  Sure, that seems like a reasonable reason to move, right?

I used some vinyl numbers cut from my cricut machine to add the numbers “1234” and “sit”.  I just thought the lettering made it look cute.  But a friend was visiting and asked if it was our time out chair. No, but that’s brilliant!  So now the boys have a time-out chair.  

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