Birthday Balloon Avalanche

Jack turned 4 today!  Wow can’t believe it. I thought I would try out a couple of fun ideas I found on PInterest for his birthday.

The first was this super fun balloon avalanche…

Balloon Avalanche

After Jack went to sleep last night I found an old piece of plastic sheeting I had in the garage and taped it around Jack’s door frame.  I used packing tape which I wouldn’t recommend.  I was very lucky to not have the tape take the paint off the wall, if I was to do it again I would use painters tape.

I taped both sides and the bottom but left the top open so I could slide the balloons down.  I blew up about 15 balloons and slid them in between the door and the plastic sheeting.

My Balloon Avalanche is not nearly as pretty as the one above.  But I was just using what I already had at home and my son still loved it.  Luckily 4 year old’s are easy to please.

Jack was thrilled when he opened his door.  What a great start to your birthday!


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