Garden Ridge Shopping Trip

Raleigh finally has a Garden Ridge (now if we can just get a Hobby Lobby)!  Woo hoo.

I’ve heard such mixed reviews of Garden Ridge.  So this weekend I went to check it out for myself.  I went with low expectations, but was pleasantly surprised at what I found.

The one here in Raleigh was an old Target store, so it’s HUGE.  Seriously big.  It’s certainly not high quality (especially the furniture) but I don’t think you walk in and expect high quality.  But I think it’s great for other reasons.  It’s now the only place I’ll go for Holiday decor, books, pillows, outdoor stuff, and picture frames.

Here are some of my fun finds…

This rug was $99 for an 8×10!  I kind of love it.  They have hundreds of rugs.  But I’d say 99% are seriously ugly!

Man do they ever have some pillows.  Aisle after aisle of pillows. I absolutely adore the 2 large ikat pillows above.  They were $20 each, and I think I may have to go back to get them for the master bedroom.  The small pillow at the bottom was $12.99 and was an outdoor cushion.  Love the fabric and colours.

I found some seriously cute garden accessories.  The stars ranged in price from $10-$20, the sweet little bird was $3.99, the mushroom $10, and the owl $12.99.

Huge selection of wind chimes, dozens of umbrellas (I think they were $30), and lots of planters.

Found these fridge organization containers (of course after I just bought mine).  They were a bit pricey ($12-$20) but I love that they are low and clear.  They also had loads of cheap  stem ware.  I don’t know about you, but I can’t tell the difference between a $1 wine glass and a $30 wine glass.

You could tell the furniture wasn’t the best quality.  But it was pretty inexpensive and sometimes that is all you’re looking for.  I think these pieces ranged in price from $80-$120.

I thought these mirrors were gorgeous.  I think they were all roughly $50, and they were huge.

They have a crazy amount of lamps, but once again nearly all of them were pretty hideous.  But these ones caught my eye. They were each $20, including the large drum shade.

And I think this may be the best source for inexpensive kids books ever.  I picked up a bunch for birthday presents, each for $1.99.  Great to pick up for stocking stuffers, prizes for good behaviour, gifts, donations.

Now for the 99% of the store that was not so cute…

Hope you enjoyed my little shopping trip to Garden Ridge?  What are your great finds from Garden Ridge?

3 thoughts on “Garden Ridge Shopping Trip

  1. Ooh, how did I miss that? They do have some really weird stuff, but when we used to go years ago, they had good garden stuff! Where is it located? Looks like maybe the old Capital Blvd. Target?

    Oh, what I wouldn’t give for a Hobby Lobby here!!! I haven’t figured out how they have one in Asheboro and Hickory, but not in Raleigh!!

    • Yup it’s on Captial (they took out the Target a couple of months ago).

      I know when we lived in Manhatten Kansas they even had a Hobby Lobby (that’s about all they had). I don’t get it. Maybe we should open one!

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