How to Cut Your Kids Hair (& Not Their Ear)

With 2 boys I was having to get their hair cut every 10 weeks or so.  And at $17 a cut, plus tip, it was costing about $40 every 10 weeks.  With drastic budget cuts happening in our house I thought this would be an easy expense to save on.

And I was right.

Now I’ve seen them squirm around for the hair dresser and knew I was entering into dangerous territory.  But what was the worst thing that would happen?  I guess losing an ear.  But I promise that won’t happen.

My advice for a successful haircut

1. Closely watch your stylist next time she cuts your kid’s hair.  Watch how she does it, where she starts, where she finishes.  And try to replicate that yourself.

2. Get a chair that is as high as possible.  I use a toddler high chair.  It raises the kids up just enough.

3. Buy a good pair of hair-cutting scissors.  I bought mine at Target for $5.99.  Totally worth it.

4. Buy a spray bottle.  So you can mist your kid’s hair while cutting it.

5.  Bribe them with a lollipop (or whatever works for them).  The kids are ONLY allowed to have a lollipop when getting their hair cut.  When craving a lollipop they have been known to ask for a haircut.

6.  Do it outside if possible (easy clean-up).  In the winter I put them in front of the tv.  Great distraction.

You will get better every time you do it.  And what’s the worst thing that could happen?  Just give him a buzz cut if the worst does happen.

Good Luck


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  1. “Winter” in Raleigh?! Do you do it inside so you don’t have to put a light sweater on them? You know you can’t ever move back to Canada, I don’t think you 4 would survive.

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