LEGO Party

Jack’s big “Superheroes Love LEGO & Ice Cream” Party was a big success. He told us it was way better than his 3rd birthday.  Although I don’t think he even remembers his 3rd birthday!

I kept his party super simple with only 7 friends attending. He wanted to invite everyone he knew, but it was just too much for our teeny tiny house.


All of the decorations were completely FREE!  Woo hoo.  Free I like.

The 2 yellow signs were actually just the bag I got when I bought Jack’s present from the LEGO store.  I cut it down the sides and taped it up.  Why the heck not, right?

Yup a bag.

I cut out these super cute LEGO men from construction paper and put them throughout the house.  I found the template here.  To make the bunting I sewed about 40 of the LEGO men together.

Just put them one by one through your sewing machine.  Couldn’t be easier.

Front door decorations.

I scattered Jack’s LEGO creations throughout the house.

I displayed the party prizes, these LEGO picture frames on the counter next to all the favors. But forgot to take a picture of all the favors.  Darn.

Table & Food

Found these square yellow plates at the dollar store.  Used a sharpie to draw a LEGO man face on each plate.  I found all the different LEGO men faces here.

Made a little LEGO bowl to hold the super cool LEGO candy.

We served veggies & dip, chips and salsa (the most amazing salsa recipe ever found here), grapes, sandwich platter, LEGO candy, and pulled pork.

Doing the pulled pork instead of pizza was the best decision ever.  The pork could not have been easier.  I put the pork shoulder in the crock pot the night before and threw in an entire bottle of ‘Sweet Baby Rays’ original BBQ sauce.  By noon the next day it was falling off the bone.  Served it straight from the crock pot.

For the ice cream part of the party we did ice cream sundaes along with the cupcakes. I let the kids put on their own toppings.

Birthday boy and his brother enjoying some cupcakes and ice cream sundaes.


We played 2 games.  The kids were 4 so we kept things simple!

The first game we played was find the LEGO man.  I hid about 40 of those little construction paper LEGO men around the house.  Whoever found the most won a prize (the LEGO picture frame).  The kids loved it.

The second game was “Build a Lego Creation”.  Only a few kids were interested in playing but the ones who did came up with some pretty cool LEGO airplanes and cars!  It’s always impressive to see what kids can build on their own.

Party Favors

In the goody bags I included LEGO soap, LEGO crayons, a t-shirt superhero cape, LEGO candy, and a LEGO man.

The LEGO men came in a Birthday Box that I found at our LEGO store.  It was normally $44.99 but I got it on sale for $19.99.  But I really don’t even feel that it was worth $19.99.  The only things I used from it were the LEGO men and the thank-you cards.


  • $20 (LEGO molds)
  • $12 soap supplies and picture frames from Michael’s
  • $65 food
  • $12 dollar store stuff (crayons, plates, napkins, cups etc)
  • $10 LEGO candy
  • $20 LEGO Party Box

Grand total= $139  not too bad

There are so many fun and easy things you can do for a LEGO party.  Hope you enjoyed what I did.



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