LEGO Picture Frame

Jack’s big party is tomorrow and I still needed 2 prizes for a couple of simple games the kids will be playing.

I found these wooden picture frames at Michael’s for $0.75 each.  $1.50 for 2 prizes sounds good to me.  I snatched them up.

I thought I could glue LEGO pieces to the frame.  But wasn’t entirely sure if this would work.


  • wooden frame
  • glue gun
  • LEGO’s

I first laid out the LEGO’s onto the frame just to make sure they would actually fit and look OK.

Now for the glue gun part.  I removed 2 or 3 LEGO pieces at a time and put the hot glue directly onto the frame (not the LEGO).  And then put the LEGO back onto the frame. It took about 5 minutes to do each frame.  Easy as can be.

I flipped over the photo that came with the frame and added this LEGO man who I just cut out of construction paper.  You can find the pattern here.  The LEGO man can be replaced with a real photo. But I just thought it was cuter to give as a gift with the LEGO man rather than the photo it came with.

I think they are pretty cute.  And Jack loves sticking his LEGO men onto them.  He thinks it’s pretty cool than you build onto them.

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  1. WELL DONE!! It looks like the entire party came together and most importantly the birthday boy was happy!! thanks for sharing!

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