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I began my kitchen makeover 9 months ago, and I’m still not done!  Yikes that’s pretty bad, isn’t it.  I’ve painted the cabinets, changed the hardware, made curtains, added corbels and today I finished the light fixture.  I still want to change the counter top, flooring, move some of the cabinetry around and tile the back splash.  But until we can find the money to do so, I think we’ll just call this kitchen makeover complete for now.  So once I can find the time to actually clean the kitchen, I’ll post some pictures.

But for now I’ll show you a sneak peek at my sunny yellow farmhouse light that I made over for just $10.  I couldn’t be more happy with it.

lightcollage  Yellow Light MakeoverI spent a couple of months searching for an antique porcelain farmhouse light like this one.

images1  Yellow Light MakeoverI actually found one that wasn’t outrageously prices (only $50) at a small antique shop, but it needed to be completely rewired.  In our last home I replaced all of our lighting with vintage lights, picked up at thrift stores, and had them all rewired.  You can normally do this for $30 a light.  But at $80 total this was still out of the question.

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Next I thought I would make a wire basket light like the one above.  I am totally all over these lights right now.  I was originally inspired by Ashley’s (from Under The Sycamore Tree) wire basket light, find tutorial here.  But I could not find a basket that I like/would work.

brasslight  Yellow Light MakeoverSo on a trip to the ReStore I found this ugly little guy that I knew would be just perfect.  Partly because he was only $10.  Look how brassy and glorious he is.

images 1  Yellow Light Makeover

I wanted to paint him a teal blue, like the one above from Barn Light Electric.  But I already had a can of sunny yellow spray paint leftover from another project. Remember how cheap I am?

So this is how I finally made my light…

kitchenlightwire  Yellow Light MakeoverFirst take the wires out from the chain.  Just pull them through each of the chains.  Really easy.  Next put all those wires into a plastic bag and tape it completely shut.  You don’t want to spray paint the wires.

paintinglight  Yellow Light MakeoverI used Rust-Oleum metal primer first.  I started to spray it and then realized that if I left the metal chain on the ground it would leave a mark of the chain.  So I used a bucket to stick the chain in while I sprayed the light. It just kept the chain from laying on top of the newly painted light.

yellowspray paint  Yellow Light MakeoverAfter 2 coats of primer I sprayed on many light coats (about 10) of Valspar’s “Gloss Gold-85010″ spray paint.

kithcenlightchain  Yellow Light MakeoverI painted the chain with Rust-Oleum Metallic Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint.  I used an old cereal box to block any of the spray paint from getting on the newly painted yellow light.

benchaginglight  Yellow Light MakeoverNow the part my husband hates.  I mean hates.  I’ve made him change a lot of lights in the past so I don’t blame him for hating this so much.  But he did it for me like a champ.  Now that’s love isn’t it?

ladderclimbing  Yellow Light MakeoverAren’t home improvement projects with kids so much fun.

So here is the before and after!

oldlight  Yellow Light Makeover

yellowlightdone  Yellow Light MakeoverI don’t even know why builders bother putting in these ridiculously tiny lights.  I much prefer my $10 sunny yellow farmhouse pendant light.

I know a yellow light isn’t for everyone, but it makes me smile.  And its way better than that teeny tiny light that was there before.

spray painted yellow light  Yellow Light Makeover


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  1. Thanks for your well written instructions.

    This kind of project is exactly what I always hunt for and plan in my head, but have not actually made. It is funny, I have been to the same places in Raleigh you went to, for your treasure hunts.

    What a great website, I will visit it often. Maybe I run into you somewhere, around town. I even sell some of my creations at the flea market, when I get time.

    • Oh cool, I’ve probably seen you down there! I’m thinking of organizing some sort of thrift shop shopping day in Raleigh in the Spring, I’ll be sure to let you know! I’d love for you to join us.

      And I know what you mean I love following local bloggers, I always find out about cool new spots that I otherwise never would have found.

  2. Amazing what a little paint can do! Great job! I lOVE that ‘after’ shot! Thanks for linking up at the CHQ Blog Hop! See you again on Tuesday!
    Barbara at Chase the Star
    chasethestar dot net

  3. I think it is beautiful. I think the yellow has done it much more justice than the teal would have. Really “lights” up the place – Pun intended :P
    Mel recently posted..Ruffle ScarfMy Profile

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