Color Me Rad 5K, Cool Ideas For The Messiest Race Going

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The super-hyped up Color Me Rad 5K run that has been crisscrossing the country, finally made its way to Raleigh this past weekend.  And boy was it worth the wait.  I dare say this 5K may have even been more fun than the famous Raleigh Krispy Kreme Challenge.

Color Me Rad involves running 3.1miles while overly enthusiastic volunteers splatter you with paint.  Well, not real paint.  That would be a little too messy.  Instead its coloured cornstarch.  And once it reaches your shiny white tee, it makes a psychedelic tie dye pattern.  Sounds fun right?

Team Rainbow Dash

Yup we used a My Little Pony reference.  Why not, we’re all moms.

The Race was awesome.  And if it comes to a city anywhere near you, you must do it.

And now I can’t wait till next years race!  It was that much fun.

So now that I’m a veteran Color Me Rad runner I may have to step up my game for next years run.

And here are some cool ideas:

Color Me Rad Art Work

During the run I saw a woman running with a blank white canvas in her hands.  I know weird, but then I realized what she was doing.  She was creating a Color Me Rad masterpiece while she ran.  Brilliant.

Sherry from Young House Love did something similar.  She brought a canvas to the finish line and used all the powder on the ground to paint her piece.  Man those two can make anything look beautiful!

source: Young House Love

source: Young House Love

Check out how cool it looks hung on the wall!

Another cool option is to frame your newly dyed t-shirt.  Color Me Rad recommends spraying your shirt with vinegar and then ironing it to keep the color in it.  From my experience you need to do this immediately.  The color quickly turns to a big blob of brown.  Not the look you want to remember from your super awesome day.

source: Kickin’ Ass, Takin’ Names

I think this would be a great idea for all those kids who run the race.  Hung in a kid’s bedroom, it could be a fun way for them to show off their race day bib and shirt to all their friends.

Color Me Kind

So this amazing idea comes from Patience over at Kindness Girl (so you already know it’s going to be a fabulous, right?).  We’ll she left these adorable hand written notes on random cars in the parking lot, asking them to pass on some rad, kind, fun!

On the notes she asked people to pass along some rad kindness after the race.  She even provided some great suggestions:

Leave a FAT tip for a dishwasher at your favorite restaurant. Don’t forget a note of thanks!

Pay for a friend’s next race registration, then tell them to pass it on.

Corral some grocery carts at the store parking lot, then leave a note at the desk for the worker thanking them for all they do. You can also leave a small gift card.

Ding Dong Ditch a bouquet of flowers to your bestie with a kind note, then tell them to pass it on.

What a fun way to end an already amazing day.

Kids & Color Me Rad

This is a great race for kids to run in, and this is why…

  • totally low-key race, non chipped time race.
  • Multiple start times.  First runners leave at 9am and then every 10 minutes after that (until 10:10am).  You’re not rushed in the morning getting the kids to the race site.  If you’re late, no worries, just run in the next heat.
  • There are lots of stops along the route.  Stop at each colour bomb station and give the kids a break from all that running.
  • Since the race is so messy it’s not on a road.  No need to worry about traffic (or finishing the race within a strict time period).  The Raleigh race looped around fields and empty parking lots at an amphitheater.  This also means that if the race is getting to be too much for the kids you can easily take a shortcut and cut off part of the course.  Or head straight to your car since you’re never that far from the start line.

The youngest I would recommend for this race would be 5.

But don’t worry your kids at home can still participate!  Just before the finish line volunteers will have boxes and boxes of color bombs (small bags of the colored cornstarch).  The organizers want you to use these for one last explosion at the finish line, and also for a huge group shot at the end.  But I grabbed a bunch and brought them home.

Once Hurricane Sandy passes I’ll send the kids outside with some clean white shirts and let them throw the color bombs on each other.  I have a feeling they’ll love it.

I’ll just have to be prepared for this!

So what do you think?  Are you in for next year?

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9 thoughts on “Color Me Rad 5K, Cool Ideas For The Messiest Race Going

  1. I’ve never done a color fun before, but have some friends who have. They do seem fun, although my dislike for messiness may get in the way of my enjoyment ;) Do you run other races? I’m a runner and would love to talk running shop with you!

  2. Hi Danielle …
    Is it necessary to purchase color bombs? I know we get one bomb per person per registry. Do we get messy without buying additional bombs? How do the color stations work?
    We’re joining the run in Toronto Canada in a few months :)

    • Oh I love it, I’m from Toronto but currently living in North Carolina. You don’t need to buy extra color bombs. I only bought extras to bring home for my kids. The colour stations at the race I did in Raleigh were either the cornstarch bombs or a liquid colour that was sprayed out. Either way you could avoid them if you wanted to. Some people came out completely covered and others avoided the colours all together. You’ll have a great time!

  3. Hi, I was thinking about also doing the race this December and I wanted to take my 3 year old daughter. Why would you recommend the kids to be at least 5?

    • I think it’s fine if you plan on taking her is a stroller. Although I would check what the race route is going to be like. These races are normally run off road. But I’m sure a jogging stroller would be perfectly fine. Obviously every child is different and every race venue is different. But the Color Me Rad I did was mainly teenagers and 20 year olds participating and that meant it got crazy at the color stations. Some younger kids might be a bit freaked out by all the chaos and the paint being sprayed at them (some of it is a liquid and some is thrown as a powder). I just think at 5 your pretty safe that your kids won’t be freaked out.

  4. My partner, daughter and I are going next month and was wondering any tips for wearing your eye glassed under the ones they provide? My partner doesn’t wear contacts. ..she she wear her old glasses under?

    • Good question Brandy, I didn’t even wear the sunglasses they provided to run in (and I certainly wasn’t the only one not wearing them). So I wouldn’t worry about that. She can just run in her glasses as she normally would. Have fun with your race. It’s so great that you and your partner are taking your daughter. I can’t wait till my kids are old enough.

  5. Hi! I’m going to do my first race in March in Houston, then I’m also doing the New Orleans one in May. Thanks for the great tips. I’ve also pinned this on my pinterest board. I like the canvas and framed t-shirt ideas! I’d join you in Raleigh, but it’s a bit far for me. Have fun, though!

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