Iron Man LEGO Man Costume

My 4 year old decided months ago that for Halloween this year he was going to be a LEGO man, actually he has decided what he will be for the next 10 years!

LEGO man I could do, no problem.

Then about a month ago he declared that the LEGO man costume wasn’t going to be a regular old yellow head, red shirt kind of LEGO man but a super cool Iron Man kind of LEGO man.

Oh man, I don’t even know what Iron Man looks like.  I know my Batman and Superman but after that all those superheroes just kind of look the same to me.

So I googled Iron Man and remembered that he was the one I liked the least.  I’m not a fan of maroon.  And he is ALL maroon.  Tried to talk Jack into being a Batman LEGO Man.  Could be cool with the wings and all.  No go.  Then my brother mailed Jack an Iron Man light up thingy for his birthday.  OK now that might make the costume pretty cool.

I couldn’t find a single tutorial on-line anywhere for a LEGO Man Iron Man costume.  So I was on my own for this one.

This is what I did, and what I wouldn’t do if I was to do it over again.

I bought an 8″ form tube from Home Depot.  I believe it was $8.99.  They come in different sizes but the 8″ one is perfect for a 4-year-old.  I used a hand saw to cut off a piece 11″ long.

I found a google image of an Iron Man LEGO man and used that as my example.  I drew on the mouth and eyes.

Next the ridiculously difficult part, cutting out the pieces.  Man this stuff is impossible to cut.  I’m sure there is an easier way.  But I used a small screw driver and used a hammer to nail a few holes.  I made the holes big enough to fit the serrated knife into it.  Then I used the knife to cut out the rest of the mouth and eyes.  This took a bit of time and a couple of knife wounds to the hand.

At this point I considered heading to Party City and picking up a costume for $12.99.  Why do I do this every year?

I used packing tape to attach the head all together.  Which looked totally fine until I spray painted it.  Yikes, not pretty.  So I ripped off all that tape and used some gorilla glue to attach all the pieces instead.  Much better.

Gorilla glue will be your best friend.

I kind of messed up the body and would do it differently next time.  I cut up another box and added it onto the side of the main body box (just to give it that flared out look).  But it didn’t really work that well and next time I would just cut the sides of the box and taper them in (make it not so wide).

For the head hole I traced the head on the top of the box and cut out that circle.  DON’T DO THIS!  The hole ends up being way too big.  If I did this over again I would trace the head on the top but then cut the circle about 1″ smaller all the way around.  It’s better to cut it too small than too big.

For the spray painting I sprayed the whole costume with maroon spray paint.  And the spots that needed to be gold I just used painters tape to tape off those sections and used gold spray paint.

After painting on the maroon and gold it was time to add the black lines.  To do this I used a piece of chalk to draw on the temporary lines (to make sure I got it all right first) then I went over it with a small paint brush and some black acrylic paint.  This worked well.

Now for that Iron Man light up thingy that my brother gave him.  I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to add this on (so that it actually stayed on).  But then I remembered that the command hooks I had recently bought have extra little sticky pads.  So I used those to stick it onto the cardboard.  So far so good.

For the legs I really wasn’t sure what to do.  I really wanted to make some real LEGO legs like these…

Few problems though.

  • I had no idea how to actually make them.
  • My 4-year-old would destroy them within 5 minutes of wearing them.
  • He would have trouble sitting with them (especially while wearing his costume at school)

So instead I decided to make these simple, easy to wear, easy to make legs, perfect for a 4-year-old.

To keep them on Jack’s legs I used some gorilla glue (I love that stuff) to attach 2 pieces of elastic to each leg.

I think he loves his new costume…




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