LEGO Sewing Machine

So after building and rebuilding my millionth spaceship I decided that my boys were going to help make something for me.  Of course I didn’t tell them we were building a sewing machine till the end.  Otherwise they would not have been so enthusiastic about helping me.  Although they are now trying to figure out a way to now make it really work.

A looooong time ago I pinned this LEGO Sewing Machine tutorial from Such Designs.  Isn’t Carrie’s fantastic!  It’s perfect, with a presser foot and everything.  I wanted one. And we certainly have some LEGO in our house, so I thought that would be easy.  Unfortunately we had like none of the pieces Carrie used.  She also ordered some of the pieces from LEGO in order to make hers.  I am not willing to bring ANYMORE LEGO into our already LEGO filled house.

So this is my interpretation of her LEGO sewing machine.  If you have a little LEGO lover in your house I’m sure you will have these pieces hiding around somewhere.

These are just the pieces that I found in our LEGO pile.  But these pieces can obviously be changed out for what you have at home.

Now to keep the kids from tearing it a part.  They’ve already stolen the cord, I guess that piece is a hot commodity.




36 thoughts on “LEGO Sewing Machine

  1. I love that little machine. I’ve been down to the Lego store and they didn’t even have all the parts. So could you maybe tell me where I can get them? Thank you for sharing.

  2. I found you on the Weekly Creative hosted by Shannon Barefoot. This is the BEST thing I have ever seen! I have never wanted to go buy Legos more than I do right now!


    • lol, I know it was so much more fun than making another spaceship. They really should sell little sewing machine kits, Lego has every other possible kit.

  3. This is SOOO cool! What a creative idea! Found your creative post via Happy Go Lucky. :)

  4. This is AWESOME! I’m totally going to have my guys make me one – would love if you linked this to my Craftastic link party. I always pin my favorites and this would totally be one of them!!!

    • Thanks so much Cheryl. Just linked up! I totally made your pirate eye patch and hat about a year ago. Totally love your blog, now following you.

  5. SO COOL!!!!! I want one!!!!! hehe Gosh it looked like so much fun to create!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!

  6. That is sooo cute, my kids are just starting with lego’s I have a feeling I am going to be tripping on them for years.

    • Hi, a fellow hsoomchoeler visiting from the hop! well, yeah, homeschooling is kind of a limited subject, but you are right, it is really our one big hobby/job so we think about it a lot and write about it a lot. I do think though, that when we share what we do, crafts/lessons/read alouds and resources we use, that even non-homeschool moms might find something useful/fun they can do afterschool or on a weekend, so I figure it is all good and we can all learn from each other. it’s nice to meet you, I love the name of your blog, very sweet.

  7. This is too cute : ) I love it!! My son is always making me play legos with him… finally something for me, lol : ) I stumbled and tweeted. I’ll pin later, but pinterest seems to be down : (

    • Thanks so much Ashley! I really appreciate that, my blog is just starting out and I need all the help I can get! lol.

      By the way I was actually surprised at how much my boys liked making it with me. I think it’s the first time they have ever made something other than a spaceship or car.

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