Special Baby Gift

Love when a package from paper coterie arrives.  Actually, I love when anything other than a bill arrives in the mail, but especially something from paper coterie.  If you haven’t checked out this company you must.  And they always have great sales, gotta love that.

A few weeks ago I posted a sale for their brand new memory keepers.  The one I ordered is normally $42 but it was on sale for $20.  It was so easy to make I just uploaded one picture and that was it.  It’s 10 x 13 and much bigger than I anticipated.

Basically it’s just a pretty box to store stuff in.  I already had something similar for Jack when he was born.  And I’ve been searching forever to find something for Sam (he is almost 2!).  They are perfect for storing all those things that you really want to hold on to (coming home outfit, hospital bracelet, photos, cards, foot prints, hospital hat etc).

This would make such a great gift for someone who has just had a baby.  It’s so difficult to find something that is meaningful and will actually be used by the new parents.

Paper coterie also has options that don’t require a baby photo.  Which would be perfect to give at a baby shower before the baby is actually born.

This post is not a sponsored post, I just love to pass on my reviews of companies that I love and have had great experiences with.

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