Operation Elf on the Shelf

So Ralphie finally made an appearance.  All those Facebook photos of Ralphie’s fellow elf friends getting into mischief all over town were making me feel a little guilty.  So I finally rescued him from the attic.

I remember last year coming up with all these great places for the elf, but then he would fall over, slip off, or just not stay put.

So I sent him to the hospital for a little surgery.

A Velcro kind of surgery.

I simply cut the little string that attached his hands.  Was I was supposed to do this as soon as we opened it?  We’ll 3 years later I’m just doing it now.

elf-on-the-shelfNow cut some tiny pieces of Velcro and sew to each foot and arm.

If you aren’t in the mood to pull your sewing machine out for the worlds smallest sewing job you could use the Velcro with the sticky backing and just stick it on.

Or hand sew it on.  Yeah I’m far to lazy for hand sewing.

Or use fabric glue to attach the Velcro.

Ralphie in recovery.

So many more possibilities…

Ok so I’m not so creative.  But this opens up lots of Elf opportunities for those of you who actually are creative.

A Creepy Crawly Boys Bedroom

I have a sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach that one day soon my youngest will jump out of his crib.  Every parents nightmare.

Not because you fear your precious little toddler will hurt himself while hurling himself over the side.  But because once they are released from their small enclosed crib and experience the freedom of a big boy bed, your life as you know it is over.  Just writing this makes me want to cry.

But I need to come to terms with this now.

So my planning must begin.  Once this dreaded day actually happens I’m thinking of moving my youngest (the current crib dweller) out of his room and into my older sons room (since it’s toddler themed; cars, planes, trains etc).  And then giving my older son the nursery and a whole new older boy themed bedroom.

The only problem is I have no money or time to actually complete this bedroom makeover.

So instead of feeling sorry for myself I thought I would create this somewhat realistic mood board on what I would love to do in his room if I had the time and money.

Since Jack is all about bugs, snakes, camping, and fishing (you know all things dirty, slimy, gross and boy) I thought an outdoorsy bedroom would be fun.


1. Birch Tree Stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils for $64.95. Can you believe that’s a stencil!

2. Nate Berkus for Target Turtle Shell $39.99.  This just has to be in my home somewhere.

3. Industrial light, will start searching ebay (I’ve seen a few there).

4. DIY Board and Batten.  Check out the tutorial on my Bathroom Board and Batten found here.  Could do the whole room for under $100.

5. Vintage Camping Stool, flea market.

6. Wooden tree stump as table.  We’re having some trees removed in our yard this spring so I think I may keep a large stump.

7. Ikea Mydal Bunk Bed $159.00.  I plan on taking the bottom bed off and having a secret little tent area for play underneath.  Similar to this (just more boyish).  This bunk bed sits much lower to the ground than other bunk beds so it’s perfect for my 4-year-old (and 2-year-old who will end up playing in there a lot).

8. Hudson Bay Blanket.  Of course this is a dream of mine since they are $370 from HBC!  But I did find this knockoff for $145 (still not going to happen).  But I do plan on knitting one like this one from PurlBee one day.

9. Vintage camping lanterns.  Have to start thrift store hunting for these.

10. Ikea Stockholm Rug $299.00.  Also never going to happen, but I’ve had a crush on this rug since the day it was revealed in the Ikea catalog.

11. Bug display.  I actually own about 10 of these.  I know weird.  Lets just say as a child I was very similar to Jack.

12. Red Bins from Target now discontinued. Lots of alternatives though.

13. Uncle Milton Moon in My Room from Amazon for $17.99.  Love this light.

So what do you think?  Have you tried stenciling a room before?  I’m just so in love with that birch tree stencil, I must have it.


Bedroom Chalkboard Wall

So we have a chalkboard wall.  I wasn’t sure how hard painting it would be, or how much chalk dust would cover his bedroom.  But thought I would just go for it.

And I’m so happy I did.

Jack loves using it.  He doesn’t use chalk anywhere other than this wall (I was worried this would encourage wall graffiti throughout the house).  It was a breeze to paint.  And after a year of use, the chalk dust is nothing in comparison to the constant toy explosion in his room.  It’s minor in comparison to all the other messes a 4 year-old boy creates.

To paint the wall I bought 1 can of Rustoleum Chalkboard paint.  Which I believe was about $10.  I only bought one can but thought I would end up back at the hardware store needing at least another can.  I was sure it would take 10 coats to get proper coverage.  But 2 coats was all I needed.  So I ended up with half a can of chalkboard paint leftover for other projects.  I like that.

The top half  Jack can’t reach so I simply drew a paper airplane.  And added some of my DIY paintings.  I bought 3 canvases from the dollar store and painted 3 of Jack’s favourite things on them.  They are far from perfect but Jack really does love that I made them for him.  And I love the pop of colour against the black.

We recently had a real estate agent friend over to visit, and I think this wall nearly gave her a heart attack.  But we’re not selling anytime soon.  And having a creative house for my boys is far more important.


Home Stories A2Z

Home Stories A2Z

Pottery Night Out

I don’t know what took me so long, but I finally went to one of those Paint Your Own Pottery places this week with a group of friends.  It’s was a great crafty kind of night.

No idea what I’m going to do with this little plate.  At least it was a fun night out.

Thanksgiving Day Turkey Hunt for Kids

I’m sure you’ve seen the Paper Bag Turkey’s floating around the magical world of  Pinterest.

Brilliant, right?

I knew I had to start this tradition.

But thought why not hide them in the backyard and have the boys hunt for turkeys.  Well they loved it,  although slightly disappointed that I didn’t give them each a set of bow and arrows.  Yeah that would have ended well.

Thanksgiving Day Turkey Hunt for Kids

Here are the details on how to make your own Brown Bag Turkey.

On the lookout.

Now time to carve our turkeys…The boys were happy to find popcorn rather than turkey inside.

I think this will be our new tradition.

Perfect way to occupy the kids while I’m cooking the real turkey and everyone else is watching football.