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So we have a chalkboard wall.  I wasn’t sure how hard painting it would be, or how much chalk dust would cover his bedroom.  But thought I would just go for it.

And I’m so happy I did.

Jack loves using it.  He doesn’t use chalk anywhere other than this wall (I was worried this would encourage wall graffiti throughout the house).  It was a breeze to paint.  And after a year of use, the chalk dust is nothing in comparison to the constant toy explosion in his room.  It’s minor in comparison to all the other messes a 4 year-old boy creates.

chalkboardwall1 Bedroom Chalkboard Wall

SPC ChalkTintBase L Bedroom Chalkboard WallTo paint the wall I bought 1 can of Rustoleum Chalkboard paint.  Which I believe was about $10.  I only bought one can but thought I would end up back at the hardware store needing at least another can.  I was sure it would take 10 coats to get proper coverage.  But 2 coats was all I needed.  So I ended up with half a can of chalkboard paint leftover for other projects.  I like that.

pinterestchalkboardwall Bedroom Chalkboard WallThe top half  Jack can’t reach so I simply drew a paper airplane.  And added some of my DIY paintings.  I bought 3 canvases from the dollar store and painted 3 of Jack’s favourite things on them.  They are far from perfect but Jack really does love that I made them for him.  And I love the pop of colour against the black.

chalkboardwall2 Bedroom Chalkboard Wallchalkboardwall3 Bedroom Chalkboard WallWe recently had a real estate agent friend over to visit, and I think this wall nearly gave her a heart attack.  But we’re not selling anytime soon.  And having a creative house for my boys is far more important.


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PinExt Bedroom Chalkboard Wall
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  1. Great makeover! I also have a chalkboard wall in my son’s room. He’s 3 so we mainly just scribble on it but he loves it just the same. ANd it’s true- you can just paint over it when it’s time to sell.

    • Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment Rachelle. Yeah I’m hoping it’s as easy to paint over as it was to actually paint.

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