How to go from Beginner to Amazing Knitter With One Click

As soon as I break out the winter coats I get this overwhelming urge to also break out the knitting needles.  I can’t control it, it just happens year after year.

I don’t know what it is but I just can’t bring myself to knit any other time of year.  Winter is it.

I wanted to share with you my all time favorite knitting book, Itty-Bitty Toys by Susan B. Anderson.  I want to make every single thing in the book.  Since I only have 3 more months of winter so I better get knitting.

You must check out Susan’s blog, she also has a couple of freebie patterns available.

This book is filled with over the top cuteness, not your Grandmothers knitting patterns at all.  And they are so easy to follow.

knitting-tipsNow I consider myself a beginner knitter but if I use I can totally be an advanced knitter. What I do with all knitting patterns is follow the pattern until I got to a pattern abbreviation that I don’t know (which is basically all of them) and then look up how to do it on  For example I had no idea what “cdd” meant so I just looked up “cdd” in the glossary and watched the video here.   Instant advanced knitter!

Here are my first 2 knitting projects from the book.

I’m totally head over heals for that giraffe.

Maybe it’s his sweet sleeping eyes.


olivia-the-pigThe wee pig is pretty adorable too.

So do you think you’ll tackle some knitting projects this winter?

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