Jar Art for Kids & Mom

I’m always looking for craft projects to do with my boys.  Especially one that I can make too.

I have been frantically pinning all those amazing painted jars from Pinterest over the past few months.  Love them all.

My favourite pin

I had also pinned these cute little jars for with plastic animals glued to the top.

Painted Jars

I used both of these as my inspiration and came up with this…

For my little craft project I found 2 glass jars in the recycling bin and purchased some fabric paint for $0.66 at A.C.Moore.  I was looking for puffy paint which apparently doesn’t even exist.  Who knew.  What you want is fabric paint that can be found in the t-shirt design or fabric section of your craft store.  And it’s cheap $0.66 a bottle.

Materials Needed

  • old jars
  • fabric paint
  • primer
  • paint

I used a piece of masking tape as the guide and simply added A LOT of dots, in rows.  It actually made my hand cramp up.  I even had to take a few breaks.  I know, kind of pathetic.  But it really only took about 10 minutes.

For the pickle jar I decided on this chevron pattern.

I spray primed the jars.

And then painted them with some acrylic craft paint.  I may add a little bit of twine along the jar lids (just so it doesn’t look so much like a jar from my recycling bin).

Boys Treasure Box Project

For the boys art project I really wanted to do those cute baby food jars with the animals on top.  But giving the boys glass jars would most certainly result in a trip to the emergency room.

So I pulled out these 2 plastic containers from the trash.  And the kids went crazy with the fabric paint.

They took this project very seriously!  I think just painting on something other than flat paper is always exciting for kids.

After the fabric paint dried I primed the bins, then the boys painted away with craft paint.  And of course made a total mess.

I used gorilla glue to attach a Mega Block and little plastic soldier on top of each container.  The boys flipped out when they saw that.  They loved painting them.

Now I realize these aren’t nearly as fantastic as the little baby food jars I pinned.  In fact they’re pretty darn ugly.  But the boys made them with their own two hands and they think they’re cool so that’s all that matters.

And now they have a fun little bin to stash all their treasures, you know like rocks, random Lego heads, half eaten candies, and caterpillars (yes I find all these things on a daily basis).

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  1. Love the ones you did. Wasn’t sure what the fabric paint was for but then I got it. I adore the ones the boys did- simply because it is their creative outlook and kids have awesome outlooks.

    • Thanks Tammy, yeah I went to A.C. Moore and asked for puffy paint. They looked at me like I was crazy and said you mean fabric paint. I totally thought there was such a thing as puffy paint.

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