Lamp & Ugly Painting Makeover

I was at Goodwill this past weekend and picked up this brassy, shade less lamp for $6.  Is it just me are Goodwill prices really high?  Maybe it’s just a Raleigh Goodwill thing.  Anyone else find this?

I used painters tape and grocery bags to tape off the parts that I didn’t want to paint.  I used spray primer (Valspar) to first prime the lamp.  Just one coat was enough.  Then I did about 7 very thin coats of yellow spray paint.  I know it’s a lot but I didn’t want to get any drip marks.

Now I need to explain that the giant ugly painting is not something I actually went out and purchased.  But something that I now can’t seem to get rid of.

A few years ago I bought a huge ugly painting at a yard sale for $1 (it was so ugly the lady was embarrassed even selling it for $1).  I bought it thinking I would simply paint over the ugly painting with chalkboard paint and have an awesome over-sized chalkboard for my kitchen.  Wrong.

Of course I got it home and realized this would never work because the painted canvas was too thin and flimsy for the kids to use as a chalkboard.  So the painting sat in the garage for months.

I eventually took out the canvas and replaced it with a piece of MDF to use for the chalkboard.

I was about to throw out the large ugly canvas, but thought why not let the boys paint on it before throwing it out.  Wrong again.  The boys fell in love with their masterpiece, begged me to hang it up.  And now 2 years later it’s still hanging front and center in our family room.

For this project I just spray painted the canvas with spray primer and then let the boys go crazy.  If I was to do it again I would limit the boys to 4-6 paint colours and try to let each colour dry before letting the boys start with the next colour.  I know easier said than done.  But the way we did it meant that all the paint turned into one big mass of blue.

I set up a giant tarp on the floor and striped the boys down.  It was still a huge mess but they had a blast.

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  1. Goodwill prices are ridiculous around here! I love the boys painting though… hang on to it and one day you’ll be glad you did!

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