DIY Thanksgiving Napkins

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Found this fantastic fabric at Jo-Ann’s a few weeks ago.  Love it.  I had completely given up on Jo-Ann’s a few years ago, but I think I’m ready to re-new my relationship with them again.  Some seriously great fabric.

fabric DIY Thanksgiving NapkinsI picked up half a yard of these 3 fabrics.  Not knowing what I would actually use the fabric for.  Yes, this is a serious problem I have.  Lots of beautiful fabric in my sewing room, but very few projects being completed.  I’m sure you understand my problem.

I have so little time to actually sew, but thought I could whip up a few DIY Thanksgiving napkins just in time for Thanksgiving.  And I’m now addicted.  I think I could make these all day long.  They just make me happy.

homemade napkins DIY Thanksgiving NapkinsHow to Make Your Own Napkins…

napkinmeasurements DIY Thanksgiving Napkins1 yard of fabric will make 4 napkins or half yard will make 2 napkins.

ironnapkins DIY Thanksgiving NapkinsIron all 4 sides of napkin under 1/2″.  Repeat for all 4 sides 1/2″ again (no raw edges).

clipedge DIY Thanksgiving NapkinsNow to make a perfect mitered corner.  Of course if you don’t care about a perfect mitered corner just skip this step.

Unfold the corners.  You can see in the above photo the fold marks and where they intersect.  Now clip the corner where the first lines intersect.

napkinscorner DIY Thanksgiving NapkinsFold over and iron the corner.

mitred corner DIY Thanksgiving NapkinsFold edges back under.  Pin and sew.

howtosewamiteredcorner DIY Thanksgiving NapkinsAnd now you have 4 mitered corners.

ricracnapkins DIY Thanksgiving NapkinsOn half of my napkins I added some ric rac along the edge.

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  1. Thanks for this tutorial and the pics! They made it look so simple. I will be making napkins for my family in the near future. Thanks again for sharing:)

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