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pinterestjars1 Painted Mason JarsSo I’m terrible at gift giving.  I never know what to give.  So when going to my friend’s birthday this weekend I had no idea what to bring.  I recently painted a couple of mason jars for myself and loved them.  So I thought this might be a cute gift to make for her.

I felt especially confident giving these to her after my 4 year old’s comment.  He saw them and said “Mom are you throwing those rickety old things in the garbage”.  Man kid you’re harsh.  I guess he has serious doubts about my crafting abilities.

But I gave them to her anyways.  What does a 4-year-old really know.

To make them I simply painted the jars with some latex paint (2 coats).  Lightly roughed them up with some sandpaper.  Then tore a couple of strips of fabric and tied them around the top of the jars (I tore it to give the fabric the worn (rickety) look).

birthdayjars Painted Mason JarsI think I’m going to make up a bunch and have them on hand for:

  • Hostess Gifts
  • Christmas Presents
  • Teacher Gifts
  • Vases for giving flowers in
  • Stocking Stuffers

If I had been more on top of things I would have filled them with some candy or flowers or something.  But of course I wasn’t.

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14 thoughts on “Painted Mason Jars

  1. Hi Danielle. I have followed you for a while and I’d like to thank you for supplying me with a multiple amount of ideas ! The last project was the painted mason jars and they are exquisite ! I filled some with bamboo shoots , others with rooting plants and some I just decorated with swirls or chevron prints . I gifted them out and everyone loved them. Thank you, thank you, thank you !

  2. I think your rickety old jars look marvelous. I’d be excited to receive them as a gift. In fact, you inspire me to make some.

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