Not Your Typical Teacher Gifts

My kids find this hard to believe, but I was once a teacher.  For some reason they laugh every time they hear that.

As a teacher I always loved when my students put some thought and creativity into the gift they gave (I taught high school).  Maybe it’s just the DIY’er inside of me.

Now that my kids are in preschool I’m panicking about what to give their fabulous hard-working teachers.

I think you can’t go wrong with a Target gift card.  I mean who doesn’t love Target!

But I want to also make a little something special for them to go along with the gift card.

Here are some possibilities…

source: even includes the PDF for downloading those fancy labels.  So besides the pink M & M’s I think I already have everything I need to make this.


Includes a link to the free printable.  Pick up an old frame at Goodwill, spray paint it a fun color and you have this great art for the classroom.

source: Lil Blue

These chalkboard labels look so easy to make.  And I can pick up some cool containers at the dollar store to stick the labels too.  Fill the containers with some school supplies and you have a great little gift.

source: Finding Pins and

If you’re a sewer than I’m sure you have loads of scrap fabric lying around.  This looks like a simple sewing project that you could include with a Starbucks gift card.


These are so fun!  What classroom full of kids wouldn’t love seeing these everyday.  As a teacher I always had a few magnets holding things up on the side of my filling cabinets.  But I would have loved having these.

For the extra chic teacher you could spray paint them all bold colours.

Instructions found here: Meaningful

I have been dying to this one with the kids.  A great craft that your kids can make themselves for their teacher.


I made this for our family this past summer and it was so easy.  Could be great in the classroom.  Days Until: Spring Break, Easter, Assembly, Pizza Day etc.

source: How Does

Perfect little classroom celebration for the Birthday child in the class.  Could display child’s artwork that day (instead of the balloons).

source: 2 Little

Pick up a tiny door at a doll store and simply paint it.  Would be adorable hung up in a classroom.


I made some of these last week and they were so easy.  Simply paint the outside of the mason jar, and then lightly sand with some sandpaper to get that aged look.  Could be given with some flowers, or flower seeds.

So what will you be giving the wonderful teachers in your life this Christmas?

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