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We had a pretty ridiculous storage system for our bazillion Lego’s.  It was a Rubbermaid bin stored in the corner of the playroom.  So this meant when the boys were searching for that one teeny tiny piece the only obvious option for them was to dump the entire bin out.  Not cool.

My husband was headed to Charlotte last week so I sent him to his absolute favourite store, Ikea.  I think that there is nothing that he hates more than a trip to Ikea.  But he did it with a smile on his face (sort of).  I gave him the crazy swedish code names for what I wanted and he claimed he was in and  out again in 20 minutes. Ikea in 20 minutes doesn’t even make sense to me.  I could spend a whole week there, I swear.  Maybe that’s why he hates Ikea so much.

Anyways, I sent him in to buy the Ikea Trofast toy storage.  Let me tell you it’s the perfect storage solution for Lego.  We couldn’t be happier with it.  The amazing Jen over at I Heart Organizing was the inspiration for this.  She is so brilliant.

legofb The Ultimate Lego StorageThe Ikea Trofast system is ideal for Lego.  The drawers slide really easily (you can also buy lids for the bins), you can purchase 3 different size bins, and the bins can come all the way out.

Screen Shot 2012 10 30 at 10.19.00 PM The Ultimate Lego StorageScreen Shot 2012 10 30 at 10.20.33 PM The Ultimate Lego StorageTotal cost for the 2 units and the bins was $98.65 and no that doesn’t include the soft serve ice cream and cinnamon bun my husband purchased.  Guess there are some perks to a trip to Ikea. I know it’s a lot of money for toy storage, but we have our retirement savings plan tied up in these darn Lego’s.  So we may as well give them a nice place to hang out.

cricut The Ultimate Lego StorageI may have totally lost my mind.  But I decided to sort the Lego into colour.  Probably the biggest waste of time EVER.

lego sorting The Ultimate Lego StorageI made the boys help, so that hopefully they understand how much work it was.

I followed the directions that Jen from I Heart Organizing gave for labelling the bins.  Vinyl can be so expensive especially in all the different colours.  So cutting out regular cardstock is a much better option.

To attach the letters to the bins simply apply the letters with mod podge.

storageprep The Ultimate Lego Storagebinletters The Ultimate Lego StorageI was going to measure all the letters and level everything out.  But I got lazy only had 10 minutes until nap time ended.  So I simply put a piece of masking tape along the bottom as my guide.  And started with the middle letter and then worked my way out (with the trofast bins there is a little plastic piece right under the lip of the bin in the direct centre. Convenient, right?  So I used that as my guide.

The mod podge dries totally clear so all you see are those beautiful letters you cut out.

jacklego The Ultimate Lego StorageJack is quite proud of his Lego display area (as he calls it) on top of the cabinets.  It’s the perfect height from keeping the little brother from swooping in and destroying all his hard work.

legobinder The Ultimate Lego StorageThe shelf also holds our Lego Manuals binder, you can find my free printable for it here.

I still had the Lego Man bunting from Jack’s birthday party a few weeks ago so I hung that above his Lego station.  Instructions for the Lego Man Bunting found here.

legodrawers The Ultimate Lego StorageI plan on buying a basket to place on top of the cabinet for all the Lego’s that need to be resorted back into the bins.

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21 thoughts on “The Ultimate Lego Storage

  1. I am wondering if you can help me out with the inner measurements of these drawers? Trying to plan and hoping to make some Smart Store inserts from The Container Store work with these, but can’t find the inner dimensions of the drawers!

  2. I love it…great idea for Lego fans young and old ;) I can tell you’re a serious storage addict, and perfectionist. I love the idea of using the tape to make all of your lettering nice and straight. Love your blog,….keep it up!
    Cheers, Pete.

    • Krista I’m now following you as well. You probably saw that. I’m totally impressed with your blog and it looks like it’s brand new?! I have some questions for you about your blog (some of your widgets), so I’ll be sending you an email. I love that your Canadian too! We’re from Ontario. We miss it like crazy, except for the weather.

    • Lol, I actually made my kids help me. Which was more trouble than doing it myself. But I wanted them to understand the amount of work that goes into something as crazy as this!

  3. holly cow, that is some lego storage! We are JUST getting into legos. I tell you when things digress into chaos and the baby’s screaming and kids running, and step on a lego……ahhhhhhh! Thanks for sharing on Super Sweet Saturday!
    stephanie recently posted..Super Sweet Saturday 12My Profile

    • Done! Thanks for letting me know about your link party, I’ve added it to the list. Totally love your blog, sounds like you just had a blog redesign- looks so fresh and professional. I’m now following you too.

    • Done, linked both up. Thanks for letting me know I’m always looking for great link parties.

      BTW I LOVE your blog, it’s so clean and modern looking. Now following you on fb.

  4. Cool! I heart IKEA too and recently made a project for my craft room from there. Good luck with keeping the Legos under control. My brother was a Lego maniac growing up!

  5. Wow. You are so ahead of me on this Lego thing. {My} Jack started to get into legos last year this time but he still doesn’t play with them too much-it comes and goes….totally doing the binder thing for the manuals, I don’t remember having manuals for legos as a kid but the sets are all so “fancy” now!
    Melissa-TheHappierHomemaker recently posted..Halloween Candy FudgeMy Profile

    • Yeah my Jack is really into Lego. It’s the only thing he consistently plays with. One of Ben’s co-workers gave us a gigantic collection of her sons old legos. That’s why we have SO many already.

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