DIY Infinity Scarf

I have a thing for scarfs.

It drives my husband crazy. Like really crazy. He just doesn’t get it.

I do admit that I have a lot.

It has become an issue in our home: My husband doesn’t understand my need to buy scarves; I don’t understand his need to spend 8 hours in a row watching football. We’re even.

Last year I bought myself my first infinity scarf. Love.

I decided that instead of going out and purchasing a thousand new infinity scarfs and truly driving my husband mad I’d just convert my regular old boring scarves into infinity scarves.

So simple.

DIY-Infinity-ScarfThis may be the easiest tutorial ever.  Are you ready?

diy-infinity-scarfThis scarf was a Christmas gift last year. I bought it, wrapped it, and put it under the tree with a ‘To: me, Love: me’ tag. See, it’s a problem.

how-to-make-infinity-scarfTo turn it into an infinity scarf I just sewed the 2 ends together. That’s it.

infinity-scarfGood thing this is the world’s easiest sewing project because I have about 100 more scarfs left to do.




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