Family Photo Blocks

Since we live so far away from our family and friends I’m always looking for ways to display photos of our family for our kids.

This wooden block photo display was a fun craft for the kids and I to make together.

The 2 x 2 was roughly 1.5 inches wide so I cut my board by 1.5″ increments.  Basically you can make any size square you want.

Here’s my 4-year-old helping me measure.

Once cut I sanded down the blocks, just to get the edges smooth.

Now cut your scrapbook paper.  I used a scrapbook paper-cutter which made it go much faster.  Now cover 5 sides using modge podge.

Add photos to 1 or 2 sides of the blocks.  I used actual photos that I had developed.  But I think this would work better with photos printed from your printer on regular paper.

Give the blocks a good sanding along each edge.  To give them a shabby look.  You could also use a bit of stain along the edges (I didn’t).

For my family, if you don’t see your photo, just relax.  I’m still searching for photos of everyone.  So I’ll add blocks once I’m done.  I promise.

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  1. We did something similar to this for my mom but we numbered each block (depending when they came into the family), put Birthdays and names on the other side. Our kids love playing with it.

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