Ginger Bread House Kit

PinExt Ginger Bread House Kit

I came across Desiree’s adorable ginger bread house kit over at The 36th Avenue.

DSC 7378 thumb Ginger Bread House KitWho wouldn’t love to get this as a gift?  Everyone loves decorating ginger bread houses. Right?

You can find Desiree’s ginger bread recipe here and her house template here.  The recipe makes 3 houses.

I found the icing recipe at Make It & Love It.

IMG 3618 670x446 Ginger Bread House Kit

gingerbreadcut 768x1024 Ginger Bread House Kitdecoratedgingerbread 768x1024 Ginger Bread House KitThese ginger bread houses are the perfect size for little kids.

Just enough of a sugar high.

After the kids were done we wrapped some up to give as gifts.

I loved Desiree’s berry basket.  But didn’t have one lying around the house.  So the Silhouette Cameo came to the rescue.  Of course they have a berry basket.  They have everything.

You can find it here for $0.99.

gingerbreadkit 836x1024 Ginger Bread House Kitkitmaterials 776x1024 Ginger Bread House KitIncluded in the kit are the ginger bread pieces, a bag of icing (which the recipient can just cut the tip of the baggy and use as an icing bag as well), and of course the best part a bag full of candy.

samgingerbread 768x1024 Ginger Bread House KitAnd this is what I woke up to.  Told you they were a big hit.


PinExt Ginger Bread House Kit
pin it button Ginger Bread House Kit
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