Ginger Bread House Kit

I came across Desiree’s adorable ginger bread house kit over at The 36th Avenue.

Who wouldn’t love to get this as a gift?  Everyone loves decorating ginger bread houses. Right?

You can find Desiree’s ginger bread recipe here and her house template here.  The recipe makes 3 houses.

I found the icing recipe at Make It & Love It.

These ginger bread houses are the perfect size for little kids.

Just enough of a sugar high.

After the kids were done we wrapped some up to give as gifts.

I loved Desiree’s berry basket.  But didn’t have one lying around the house.  So the Silhouette Cameo came to the rescue.  Of course they have a berry basket.  They have everything.

You can find it here for $0.99.

Included in the kit are the ginger bread pieces, a bag of icing (which the recipient can just cut the tip of the baggy and use as an icing bag as well), and of course the best part a bag full of candy.

And this is what I woke up to.  Told you they were a big hit.


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