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DIY North Carolina Art

I can waste hours away on the Silhouette online store. So much cleaning to do, yet so many images to search. I know my life is so awful.

Screen Shot 2013 01 06 at 5.27.33 PM DIY North Carolina ArtLast night I was randomly searching the online store and found this image of North Carolina and knew I had to use it. They have all the States and Provinces & Territories (for all my Canadian readers). I’m not sure if I’ll do a Ontario or Canada one next.

I removed the “North Carolina” text by ungrouping everything and then just deleting each letter one by one. Sorry I forgot to take a screen shot of this step. But the button to ungroup is in the very bottom left hand corner.

NOTE: Be careful when enlarging your state. I think I stretched mine too much (vertically). Try to only use the corner squares to enlarge because they enlarge in proportion. The little squares on the sides enlarge either vertically or horizontally, but don’t do it in proportion. Does that make any sense at all?

Once I had it the size I wanted I cut it out with contact paper. I was only using it as a stencil so I didn’t want to use expensive vinyl. When I use contact paper with my Silhouette I don’t use a mat and I set the blade to 2. It works perfectly every time and never cuts the paper, just the sticky contact page.

paintedge DIY North Carolina ArtI positioned my contact paper stencil on my canvas that I had already painted grey.

To ensure that paint doesn’t seep underneath your stencil you will want to go around the edges with either your base paint (in this case the grey) or with matte medium (you can find it in the art department of your craft store.)

matte medium DIY North Carolina Artlovedecal DIY North Carolina ArtOnce the matte medium was dried I painted the State a dark blue.

Screen Shot 2013 01 06 at 5.46.32 PM DIY North Carolina ArtI found this cursive “Love” text from Silhouette. This time I used some yellow vinyl to cut it out (just figured it would be easier than stenciling it.)

stateartwithoutborder DIY North Carolina ArtFor the star (Raleigh) I just used the inside stencil (the actual cut out of North Carolina-it had the star on it) placed that on top of the painted blue state and painted the star yellow. Hope that makes sense (it will once you’ve cut the stencil.)

I wish I had made the State bigger and I felt it needed something around the edges (just to fill in all that empty space.)

So I picked out a square scallop border from the Silhouette online shop.

Screen Shot 2013 01 06 at 6.00.57 PM DIY North Carolina Art

borderscreenshot DIY North Carolina ArtSee image above for how to change mat to none and how to change the size of paper you are sending through your Silhouettte (this is how you create an image much longer than your Silhouette mat.)


scallopborderstencil DIY North Carolina ArtPlace the stencil in position and painted a small amount of grey paint around the edge (like we did earlier.) Let dry. Then I painted a pale blue around the outside.

removingstencil DIY North Carolina ArtThe stencil should come off easily and leave perfectly painted lines. Yeah.

artlove DIY North Carolina ArtI wish I reversed the colours and painted North Carolina the pale blue and the border the dark blue. Oh well.

So what State, Province, Territory, Country do you plan on making? I’d love to hear.

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  1. Try holding shift when you drag the image corners. In other software that will drag while keeping proportions.

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