How to Paint a Striped Wall & How to Fix Bleed Through

stripped-mud-roomI recently pinned this photo of a black & white stripped Mud Room. I immediately began to dream up and plan a Mud Room addition onto the back of our house, just so I could have those stripes. That’s reasonable isn’t it, I mean it would just be a small addition.

I quickly came to my senses and thought why not paint these same stripes in the laundry room.

I didn’t want to move the washer and dryer out of the laundry room (I was afraid of disconnecting something I wasn’t suppose to) so I thought I could just add the black stripes over-top of the already existing white walls. Big mistake, don’t do this. Keep reading to find out why.

how-to-paint-stripes-on-wallI measured the height of the wall and decided my stripes would be 4″.  So I divided the height of the wall by 4 (to make sure I didn’t end up with a 2 inch stripe at the bottom-you may have to adjust the height of your stripes).  Begin at the ceiling (if you have a wonky stripe you want that stripe to be near the floor not at the more noticeable ceiling) and start marking down 4″ (I just made little marks with my pencil).

Now use a level to draw the stripe lines.

striped-laundry-roomI used Frog Tape to tape the stripes and of course ran out half way through. Good thing I hoard painters tape in my garage.

I have heard that the only way to do stripes is with Frog Tape. But I found no difference when I removed the tape. They both leaked through equally. Darn it.

painting-stripesNow here is where I made my fatal mistake. I painted 2 coats of black (leftover paint from my front door.)

how-to-fix-painted-stripesExcept it bled through everywhere. This picture doesn’t really show how bad it was. At this point, I panicked. I now had these messy black stripes on the wall.

I read on-line that to prevent this from happening you must paint some of your base paint (for me that would be white) over-top of the edges of the painters tape. Let it dry and then paint your stripe colour (black). The paint blocks any of the new colour from seeping underneath. But since I didn’t have the base paint this wouldn’t have worked anyways.

matte-medium-painting-stripesSo I discovered that if you use something called Matte Medium (you can find it in the paint section of any craft store) and paint it over the painters tape (just like you would the base paint). This also prevents the stripe paint from bleeding through.

So I sucked it up and re-taped over top of the black stripes and found some leftover white paint in my garage. And painted the new white stripes (to fix the messy edges of the black).

matte-medium-painted-stripesAnd it worked. I simply painted the matte medium on the edges of the tape (generously). And once dried I painted 2 coats of white.

perfectly-painted-stripesMuch better now. Lesson learned. Don’t paint stripes on a wall if you don’t have some of the base colour available.


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6 thoughts on “How to Paint a Striped Wall & How to Fix Bleed Through

  1. I used the blue painters tape to stripe a wall. When I removed the tape it it left a faded blue line on the lighter color. It’s the first time I’ve had this to happen what would cause this tape to fade on the wall? Now I’m trying to repaint but the blue tape has never done this before, so what is your suggestion.

    • Wow I have never had that happen either. I’m honestly not sure what to tell you. I would contact the manufacturer and see if they have heard of this happening.

  2. We recently just moved into a new home and love the color in the bedroom but I made the same mistake without knowing about the bleeding. Sure enough it bled through and we dont have the original paint that is on the wall, so does the matte medium dry clear? I am wondering how to fix my border and the bleeding without having the base color?

    • you can also use modge podge (mixture of equal parts glue and water). Put your tape on and paint along the line of the tape with the glue mixture. Let it dry and then paint your color.

  3. I never knew that about painting stripes! Thanks for the tip and kudos to you for fixing it. I would have just painted the whole wall black… and ended up making the laundry space even more depressing than it already is. Great job!

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