Kids Bathtime Bench & Toy Storage

diy-bathroom-benchI found this small orange storage cube on clearance at Target ($9) and thought it was just about the ugliest fabric I had ever seen.

You can pick these storage cubes up for $10-$20 anywhere (Wal-Mart seems to always have them). But for some reason it’s impossible to make them in anything but ugly fabric. I don’t get it.

But don’t let that stop you.

So grab that ugly storage cube along with a yard of your favourite fabric and a staple gun and you’ve got yourself a custom storage cube.

bathroom-toy-storageBath Storage Bench

I’ve been looking for a small bench to place beside the bathtub so I had somewhere to sit when bathing the kids. Besides the toilet or the floor. It’s the perfect size and it even doubles as toy storage. Perfect.

And recovering it was unbelievably easy…

kids-toy-storageTo figure out how much fabric I needed I simply wrapped the 4 sides of the cube with the fabric and added 3″ to the width (enough to go over the bottom and top edge.)

storage-cube-makeoverI ironed under the edges.

ottoman-makeoverAnd simply stapled it on. I started with the bottom.

storage-cubeOn each side I stapled the bottom and then stapled the top. Then moved on to the next side. This will prevent wrinkles.

diy-storage-cubeFor the top of the cube I just added 3″ of fabric on all 4 sides (enough to iron under 1/2″ and fold over the edge.

storage-cubeI stapled the middle of all 4 sides and then stapled out to the outer corners.

Once you are done stapling take your hammer and hammer in all the staples (mine stuck out a tiny bit). And if you are putting your storage cube on hardwood floors I would cut out a piece of felt and use a glue gun to attach it to the bottom of the cube. Just to prevent the staples from scratching your floor.

upholestry-tacksIf you don’t have a staple gun you could also use these upholstery tacks that you can pick up for $1.99 at JoAnne’s.

kids-bathtime-routineWe used it tonight for bath time and it’s so much nicer to here rather than the floor or toilet.


37 thoughts on “Kids Bathtime Bench & Toy Storage

  1. I love this idea! I have been looking to have 3-4 new foot stools for my family room. I can’t imagine spending much money for feet and 2 kids under 3 years old to just destroy the ottomans. Do you have a video link for me to watch to see how you recovered the ottoman?

  2. Love this & I think I may do it. If I do, I will link back to your post. Think I may recover it with waterproof fabric because my kids are CRAZY in the bathroom. Thanks for the fun idea!

  3. Love!! You’re right, it was totally hideous before, lol…great makeover! I wonder if Target still has those…hmmm. Thanks for entering One Crafty Contest, girl!

    • I’ve noticed that Target and Walmart always seem to sell them as back to school stuff. I think they market them for kids going off to college.

      Thanks for organizing this contest! I’m excited to check out all the ideas!

  4. Great idea. Where did you get the fabric? It looks like Marrimekko but I’m not sure.

    • It was from JoAnne fabrics. I can’t remember the name of the line but my local JoAnne’s still has it in stock (it was with the quilting cottons). I love it.

  5. Hi there! This is great and I have an UGLY purple cube and was going to throw it away… you saved me! BUT I have a question! Where did you staple the “lose” edge on the main cube? Just up one of the edges or did you do it in the middle of one of the sides? I hope I’m not being too dim!

    • Good question I did the lose edge along one of the corners. I thought I was going to have to staple it along that edge but it was pulled tight enough, and I folded under the fabric and overlapped it with the fabric from the other side. So I didn’t even staple it down. And it’s been totally fine.

  6. I just saw you featured at Miss Information. What a great idea! My kids tend to splash in the tub. I wonder if it would work to cover the storage cube in tablecloth fabric (I think it’s called oil cloth or something like that). Kneeling on the floor gets old fast! I hope you’ll link this up today (or anytime this weekend) at One Creative Weekend on

    • Heidi, I’m sure that would work. I actually bought a large beach towel to recover it with but decided against it since I hate how much terry-cloth unravels when you cut it. But since you’re not washing it, it shouldn’t be too bad I guess.

  7. So cute! I love the ffabric you chose as well as the purpose it serves!

    Thanks for sharing – have a blessed week!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

    • Leah I know I’m totally picking up more next time I see them on clearance. I had no idea how easy it would be to recover when I bought just the one.

  8. Hey Danielle! This is such a great idea – and looks perfect. What is the inside of the cube like? (I just wondered if you lined it with plastic or anything.) I love it!!! And – I was wondering where you got the blue and red fabric that is in the picture in your blog header. It’s adorable!

    • The inside is fabric, so I’m on the hunt for a plastic bin that will just fit inside. But for now I’m just throwing the bath toys that are never used in there (dry ones). And the fabric in my header was from JoAnne’s. They still have it in stock because I was just there on the weekend. I can’t remember the name of the manufacturer but it was just in with the quilting cotton’s. I had given up on JoAnne fabric a couple of years ago, but went in there last month and was amazed by some of the fabric. It’s still not the selection you get online, but they had some really nice quilting fabric.

    • Thanks Trisha, Wal-Mart also seems to have them a lot. And they always have them in the summer I think the target market is college kids going back to school and furnishing their apartments.

  9. Cute Idea! We’ve phased the bath toys out now, but this would be great carried over into the playroom for their toys and seating around the coffee table. Thanks for the tutorial!

    • It was so easy! I thought I was going to sew it all together with piping but then thought I preferred the 5 minute staple gun method better.

  10. I love this idea and am going to do it. I am tired of plastic sharks and action figures littering the bathroom counter and floor. Nice one!

    • It may, I’m not putting soaking wet toys in there. Just the toys that they rarely play with in the tub.And it cost $10 so if it does it’s not a big deal.

      • If you are worried about it getting mouldy maybe line it with plastic. You could use one of those table cloths for picnic tables, and maybe at the step where she stapled the outside fabric you could have it already fitted and staple it. Then you would be able to wipe it dry.

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