Paper Cutting for Dummies

Paper cutting is the bee’s knees. Wouldn’t you agree?

paper-cut-artSource: Made by Julene



Amazing, huh?

I don’t even know how these artists do it. I mean even the thought of all that cutting is cramping up my fingers.

Can you imagine making one wrong cut and the whole thing is ruined!

No fear we can become faux-paper cutting artiste together.  With just a tad bit of cheating.

silhouette-cameo-paper-cuttingI found this Bird Lace by American Crafts on the Silhouette Cameo on-line store and snatched it up.


silhouette-cameo-bird-laceI just opened the file up, and set my blade to 4 (I was cutting fairly heavy card stock) and just hit ‘cut’.

Be sure to use a cutting mat that isn’t too sticky, it will be impossible to get all the teeny tiny pieces of paper off without ripping.

silhouette-cameo-paper-craftI just used my little spatula tool to remove it from the mat. Far easier than what I thought.

diy-paper-cuttingI plan on framing it with some polka dot scrapbook paper behind it. But I have neither a frame of paper backing. So for now it will just hang on our chalkboard.

Translation it will hang there until one of my kids rips it.

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7 thoughts on “Paper Cutting for Dummies

  1. Hello I am new to using cameo. Why is it that when I cut (without printing the guides) it doesn’t always cut right? It always end up cutting the mat as well. What am I doing wrong? Thank you ~ Libby

    • I never set the blade at the recommend number (I always do less than what it recommends). YOu can always start by doing a ‘test cut’ too. I hope that works for you, the Silhouette really is amazing.

  2. Wow! I would not have the patience to make stuff like this! My kids would tear my stuff up too! LOL

    Just stopping by to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award! You can find the link to my post HERE. Have a great week, Danielle!

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