Knock Off Anthropologie Berry Basket

I have been waiting for these adorable Farmers Market Baskets to go on sale at Anthropologie.  But of course they never have. And at $20 a piece it is way more than what I am willing to spend. Especially since I want one in each colour. Yeah I love them that much.

I almost did a cart-wheel in the aisle of Michael’s today when I saw a knock off version for only $8.99. I think I actually let out a full-blown girly squeal when I saw that they were also 40% off. See I was meant to have one in every colour.


So for $5 I picked up one in each colour. They had an orange as well but it was a bit too bright for my taste.

I plan on going back to buy out the rest of their stock. No seriously.

I think they will make the cutest hostess, teacher, birthday gifts. Filled with some homemade cookies, a little plant, or some chocolates. Who wouldn’t want one.

michaels-berry-basketAnd Michael’s always has 40% or 50% off coupons in their weekly flyers. I don’t do full price.

porcelan-egg-cartonsAnd right next to the berry baskets were these egg cartons. Also on sale. So I picked up the yellow one.

9 thoughts on “Knock Off Anthropologie Berry Basket

  1. Love them. I really need the egg one. And we are die hard berry people here. Just FYI my sister is an assistant manager at the perks that gives us. :)

  2. Look at Michael’s getting knockoff stylish. I’ve been a fan of those berry baskets for a while, and I also like those chalk label jars, which may be a knockoff of Target knocking off Anthropologie.

  3. awesome! thanks for the heads up – I love those so much! And great idea for teacher gifts :) I bet you could also hit them with some spray paint if you didn’t like the colors. Thanks for sharing!

    • Christy I was also thinking of spray painting them. The colours Michael’s offers just aren’t as nice. They are currently 40% off which I assume will end on Saturday.

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