Lazy Paint Clean Up Tips

PinExt Lazy Paint Clean Up Tips

I can barely find the time to paint, let alone clean up all those brushes and trays.

I was buying those disposable tray liners. But when I ran out of liners in the middle of a big paint job, and didn’t feel like making another trip to Lowe’s. I just threw a plastic bag over the paint tray. And it actually worked.

nevercleanyourpainttrayagain Lazy Paint Clean Up Tipspainttray2 Lazy Paint Clean Up Tips

Paint Clean Up Tips

Simply grab a grocery bag, place the paint tray inside, and tie the end of the bag together.

When done just throw the whole bag out. Awesome, right!

My friend Holly over at Storywood Designs warned me to always flip the bag inside out. Holly had the red die from a Target bag leak into her white paint. That would not be good.

What tips do you have for easy paint clean-up? I’m still trying to figure out how to clean my old crusty paint brushes. The hot vinegar tip, that I found on Pinterest, did not work. Just made my entire house smell like vinegar for about 4 days.

PinExt Lazy Paint Clean Up Tips
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4 thoughts on “Lazy Paint Clean Up Tips

  1. What I use is some stuff called Super Clean that can be brought in an auto section at large box stores like Meijer or Wallmart .
    Just put your paint brushes that are gummed up with paint in a old coffee can and pour the Super Clean over them covering them up the handle and let it soak for about 24 hours . This stuff works on all Latex paints , I haven’t used it on oil based paint . One more thing , don’t let this stuff get on your bare hands , use rubber gloves !!! After soaking for a day run water over the brushes and clean . Put a lid on what Super clean is left and that can be used again .
    Hope this helps

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