Pleated Poppy Copy Cat Canvas


Pleated Poppy Canvas Art (copy cat)

Our dinning room is actually our playroom. Not ideal but it works.

Since it’s the first room you see when you enter our home I was sick of it looking like a playroom. I know, I know it is a playroom so of course it looks like a playroom. But I just hate seeing all that kid junk.

Last week my mom and I repainted the room and now I’m trying to put the room back together, (with a few less toys hopefully.)

I have always loved this canvas from Pleated Poppy. It reminds me of a vintage quilt but with a modern twist. And with all the colours in it, it’s perfect for a kids playroom.

I love how the original artist left the pencil lines on the canvas and left some of the ‘petals’ unpainted. Of course my husband looked at it and said, “do you plan on finishing it”. I knew he wouldn’t get it.

girls-craft-nightI first painted the whole canvas, including the sides, a light brownish-grey. I just combined some white, grey, and light brown paint together. Then went over the whole canvas with a wet brush, just to combine the paint so one area wasn’t lighter or darker than another area.

Once dry I grabbed a glass from the kitchen and measured it. It was 3.5″ in diameter so I divided that in half. Which gave me 1.75″. I made the grid with the lines going 1.75″ both vertically and horizontally.

easy-art-canvasNow it was time to trace the circles with the glass. It took me a second to figure out the pattern and I made a few mistakes at first. But once I figured out the pattern it only took a few minutes to finish.


craft-night-ideasNow start painting. I tried to add as many neutrals as possible. Next time I would actually add more neutrals.

moms-craft-nightI totally love it. Just wish the canvas was bigger (it’s only 16 x 20). But I have a second canvas the exact same size. So I think I’ll make another one and hang them together.

While painting away I was thinking it would be a perfect project for a craft night with girlfriends. It took me about an 1.5 hours from start to finish, requires very little materials, and even a non artistic person can do this.

9 thoughts on “Pleated Poppy Copy Cat Canvas

  1. Hey Danielle you have done great work, this canvas is really looking so attractive, very nice creativity you have performed, i love this canvas and want to try for making it. Many thanks for sharing.

  2. Danielle – I LOVE this so much!!! I really want to try it. And I have a ton of paints that I can use. I’m glad that you mentioned that you wish you had made it bigger. I’ll go for the bigger canvas once I have a good coupon! lol

    • Thanks Brenda. The canvas I had was 16×20 (I just had it in my craft closet already). But I’m going to have some friends over for a little craft night in a few weeks and we’re all going to paint our own (just bigger).

    • Ahhhhhh Lindsey just visited my little blog. You’re a bit of a superstar in my world. Yikes that makes me sound like a crazy stalker or something. But I sometimes dream that I live in your beautiful home. Swear I’m not crazy. Anyways thanks for all the inspiration and eye candy (once again that sounded weird-you know what I mean). I’ve been a follower and fan of The Pleated Poppy for a long time.

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