Coffee Station (& My World Market Finds)

I’ve never really been a fan of World Market. Not sure why, just haven’t. That is until now. I went this past weekend, and I think I could have purchased the entire store.

Here are some of my favourite finds…

cute-butter-dishButter Dish $5.99

world-market-utensilsUtensil Crock $9.99

vintage-storage-container-world-marketCeramic Bowls with lid $6.99

vintage-wire-spice-rackSpice Rack $9.99 and Spice bottles $0.99 each

A spice rack and about 10 spice bottles came home with me.


cheap-source-for-hardwareI loved all the drawer pulls. Most were $3.99. What a deal!

kids-cup-storageGlass Drying Rack $14.99 

I have been wanting a drying rack forever. But couldn’t find one that wasn’t huge and outrageously expensive. So I snatched this $15 one up.

vintage-bottle-drying-rackThis one from Shop Greige is amazing but is $250. I don’t think so.

I have wanted a drying rack to hold the kids cups. I was thinking that once the boys are a bit older it will make it easier for them to grab a cup and get their own drink.

Of course Sam got his leg stuck inside of it while in the shopping cart, so I think we’re years away from letting them use it. It looks too much like a medieval weapon. Too much temptation at this age.

But I knew if I didn’t buy it now I would never find one again (at least not for $15).

I figured for now we may as well use it for our coffee mugs (until the boys can be trusted with it).


It fits perfectly under the cabinet.


coffee-pods-vintage-storageI picked up this old glass container from a thrift store for $1.50. I brought it home and didn’t really know what to store in it. But it’s perfect for storing all those coffee pods.

6 thoughts on “Coffee Station (& My World Market Finds)

  1. LOVE that butter dish…and utensil crock… and those dishes! I don’t think we have World Market in Canada, at least nowhere near where I live. I content myself with HomeSense an hour away. Your coffee station is super cute, I think we have the identical countertops in our kitchen!

    • You’re right I know there aren’t any in Ontario. Next time you’re in the US you’ll have to check one out. That’s funny that we have the same counter tops. I guess it’s a popular builders choice. I really want to replace them with butcher block eventually.

  2. Love the coffee mug holder. Great find! And the little colorful ramekins or whatever they are. Found you through the Monday Mingle Blog hop!

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