DIY Egg Basket Light

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vintage-basketI found this old egg basket at SuzAnna’s (for those of you in Raleigh you have to check out SuzAnna’s) for $28 and fell in love with it. I brought it home with no real plan for it. I have a really bad habit of doing that.

I’ve dreamed of having a wire basket light in my house since seeing Ashley’s amazing Anthropologie inspired wire basket light, over at Under the Sycamore. I’m sure you saw it on Pinterest. If you haven’t checked out her blog it’s a must. I won’t even be upset if you stop reading mine and head over to hers. Promise. She’s awesome.

OK back to the light.

Since we had one super ugly dinning room light and one egg basket with a perfect hole in the bottom – it was meant to be.

You can pick up egg baskets at antique markets, Etsy, or ebay for about $25. I’m on the hunt for a yellow one now.

wire-basket-lightDIY Egg Basket Light

See it really was meant to be a light.

Now I just had to figure out how to make it a light and not a basket to collect eggs in.

Can you imagine how many eggs fit in that basket! How did they not all break?

converting-basket-to-lightMy answer was this pendant light that I found at Lowes for $20. It’s actually a mini pendant light that you add your own lamp shade to. So that’s exactly what I did, but instead of adding a proper traditional shade I added the basket.


wire-basket-light-2-little-superheroesStep 1: Take mini pendant light and slide the wires out of the ceiling plate.

wire-basket-light-@2littlesuperheroesStep 2: Now take those wires (that you just removed from the ceiling plate) and re-string them up through the basket.

wiring-light-blogStep 3: Keep pulling wiring through until the socket rests in the basket hole. In case you’re wondering I didn’t do anything to keep it there, it fit perfectly and once hung gravity will keep it from moving around.

dining-room-light-@2littlesuperheroesStep 4: Now re-thread the wires back up through the ceiling plate.

playroom-light-@2littlesuperheroesStep 5:  If you’re terrified of electricity like me, beg someone to hang it for you. My husband hung this one without even complaining once. I know I’m still in shock. He hates when I come home with a new light fixture. I really need to learn how to hang a light fixture.

diy-industrial-lightI know It’s hung really high but it’s because we’re currently using our dining room as a playroom. But once we convert the room back we can simply lower the light (we left enough cord in the ceiling plate).

vintage-light-@2littlesuperheroesCheck out the light it casts through the basket.

where-to-buy-edison-bulbSince the bulb is so visible I did buy one of those cool vintage Edison bulbs for $10 at Lowes. I know a little pricey, but I think it’s worth it.

I’m totally smitten with my new light. I know it’s not for everyone but it’s a thousand times better than the cheap builder grade chandelier that was there before.

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38 thoughts on “DIY Egg Basket Light

  1. I absolutely LOVE this! I’ve been on the hunt for a basket like this for a year or so! I think you could also use golf ball baskets from driving ranges if one goes out of business near you

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  3. I just love your light and the super easy way you created it! I live on the coast of NC (have been to Suzanne’s in Raleigh/plan to go back) and have purchased a cool oyster basket to hang as a light fixture on my back porch. Thanks for doing the hard work for me.

  4. I think it looks great!! I’m trying to decide what type of DIY light to make in my entry way — and a basket turned light is one of the possibilities on my list. Enjoyed seeing your version & the tutorial!

  5. What a fabulous light! I have been wanting to make one like that, and I even have the basket for it. I guess I am just a bit nervous around electricity and such. But your post has really motivated me! Thank you so much!

    hugs x

    • Totally understand Crystelle, electricity is the one thing that freaks me out too. But if you get one of the mini pendants it’s just a matter of adding the basket as the lamp shade. No crazy re-wiring or anything. Good luck with yours! I’m sure it will work out and be totally fabulous.

  6. Wow! I love this light. the basket is perfect for this project and I especially like the way the ceiling lights up. Really cool!
    Have a great week,

  7. This was such a cute idea. I stumbled across your blog on pinterest, where I think you posted some of Raleigh’s great thrift stores. I’ve lived in Raleigh my whole life and had not heard of some of them! Now I’m looking at “stuff” in a whole new light. Thanks for a great blog!

  8. This was such a cute idea. I stumbed across your blog on pinterest, where I think you posted some of Raleigh’s great thrift stores. I’ve lived in Raleigh my whole life and had not heard of some of them! Now I’m looking at “junk” in a whole new light. Thanks for a great blog!

    • Oh I love that Jackie. That makes me so happy. Have you been the the Durham Rescue Mission yet? It’s another great spot to check out. I’ve only been in Raleigh for 4 years now and with 2 toddler boys it means I NEVER get to go shopping. So I’m also slowly finding all these great spots.

        • haha, yes i knew what you meant, but no I haven’t ventured into Durham. I have 5 and 2-yr old boys so I completely understand the limited shopping time!

  9. I thought an egg basket as a lamp shade was cool enough, but the shadow that it casts is definitely the coolest part! Great idea!

    • So am I. They are a new discovery for me. I’m currently on the hunt for a yellow one to use as a bread basket in my kitchen. I’ve found a couple but they’ve been rusty and had some pointy broken bits. Which I love but with 2 small boys I don’t want them getting their little hands on it.

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