DIY Bird Feeder

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Spring is almost here. I’m dying to start planting, but it’s still a bit too early for that. So I spent the weekend doing the not so fun garden clean-up.

And added a little addition for the birds with this simple DIY bird feeder.


how-to-make-tea-cup-bird-feeder-2littlesuperheroesI had the spindles that I picked up at the ReStore for $1 and these small plates for $0.50 each at a thrift store.

For this project you will need a stair spindle, small plate, saw, and glue. That’s it.

diy-plate-bird-feeder-2littlesuperheroesStart by cutting off the piece from the top of the spindle. This is where you will glue the plate so you want it to be flat.

I used gorilla glue and it seems to have worked great. The only problem was trying to figure out how to let it dry. The easiest way to get it to dry, is to stick the spindle in the ground and then glue the plate on top and just leave it. At first I tried to let the glue dry with the plate upside down while holding the spindle on top. Not a good idea. Did not work.


spindle-bird-feeder-2littlesuperheroesMy garden is still in winter mode but once everything is in glorious spring time bloom I think these little bird feeders will fit right in.

Now to just keep those pesky squirrels away. Oh yeah and to convince the boys that these aren’t lightsabres.

4 thoughts on “DIY Bird Feeder

  1. Very cute! I can understand the itch to get gardening again; we will have a little longer to wait up here in Canada – I think I will do some primulas in pots this weekend. Great project – I even have two vintage newel posts sitting in my garage looking for a home… But I do think my boys would definitely use them as light sabers:) Thanks for the idea!

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