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I’m certainly no gardener. I love to dream about one day living in a home with a big beautiful mature garden full of hydrangea’s and climbing vines. But for now I have a backyard full of hard packed clay and crab grass. But I’m trying. I’m a tight budget so almost all the plants in my garden have been grown from seed. And after 3 years it’s starting to pay off. I actually have a little garden. Nothing to brag about on Pinterest but enough to keep me busy in the summer.

There are a few small gardening supplies I use on an almost daily basis; gloves, small trowel, and gardening shears. One problem- I can never find them. Either they’re lost in the garage or the boys have picked them up and used them to dig for rollie pollie’s or some other weird earth creature. I saw this mailbox idea in a Lowes magazine one day (can’t seem to find the link for it now) and knew it would solve the problem.


I picked up this regular old metal mailbox at a thrift shop and thought with a quick coat of spray paint it could be a great place to store these supplies.


Mailbox Garden Storage

Simple enough right. Well not really I couldn’t figure out what colour I wanted. I went through my stash of spray paint (you can read more about my paint storage solution here) and painted it yellow, then red, then dark blue, then green. Yes I have a paint commitment problem. I finally settled on this pale blue.

But I would bet it get’s at least 3 more coats of paint by the end of the summer.

Anyways the mailbox is the perfect solution. I hung it high so that my boys wouldn’t be able to turn it into a rock collecting mailbox or chase each other around the yard with my garden shears.

Everything’s out of reach of the kids, it’s kept dry from our torrential rains we’ve had this spring (have you had crazy Spring weather this year too?), and now I know exactly where my tools are.

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2 thoughts on “Garden Mailbox Storage

  1. Great idea!! I can so relate to it becoming a rock collecting bin… or some other collection:) Little boys… one day we will miss that part. We have had crazy beautiful sunny warm weather here, almost no rain! I think I might actually have to start watering. Looks like you have a very pretty little backyard garden growing there!!

    • Thanks Krista, normally by this time of year were well into the 90’s but it’s been cool and rainy. Which I think I prefer to the hot weather anyway.

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