Herringbone Dresser

My house is filled with junk. A lot of it.

I am trying to go through my entire house and get rid of anything I don’t love. My house is way to small to have all this stuff in it that I don’t love.

So this week I tackled Sam’s dresser. We bought it right after we moved to Raleigh. It’s totally not me. At the time we were brand new to the area didn’t know where to go shopping, needed something immediately and it fit the space perfectly. Sometimes you just don’t have months to scour antique markets for that perfect piece.



My inspiration for my herringbone dresser came from this amazing dresser transformation from Courtney at A Little Glass Box.

Oliver 021Gorgeous isn’t it?!

how to herringbone


Sand the dresser.


 Apply 2 coats of primer.

painted-dresser-2littlesuperheroesAdd 2 coats of your base paint colour.


I had 3 drawers, and I started with the middle drawer (so that I could just use the middle drawer as my guide).

First I taped down the centre of the drawer.

Now decide on how wide you want your stripes. I decided on 2.5″. Then I just laid down my first piece of tape and played around with the angle I wanted.


Once you decide on that first angle just measure 2.5″ along top and bottom. Be sure to include taped lines that are also 2.5″ too. (Sorry my above diagram isn’t the greatest.)

base-paintNow use the base paint to paint over the tape lines.This will prevent your paint from bleeding under the tape. And will create perfect lines for you. Promise. Don’t skip this step, it’s worth it.


I lined up the next drawer and used the first drawer as my guide for the next stripes (so they’ll match up perfectly.


Now paint away.


Remove tape and admire your perfect lines.

painting-herringboneContinue measuring, taping, and painting.


Herringbone dresser complete!

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12 thoughts on “Herringbone Dresser

  1. I love it Danielle, what an amazing transformation. This is a fabulous example of what you can do with a little time, energy, and creativity to customize a very basic piece of furniture. Such a beautiful statement piece to have. I am going to share this too on FB and G+. Have a great day!!

    • Thanks so much Krista! I still need to figure Google+ out more. There are just too many social media outlets :)

  2. It looks amazing Danielle! Good for you for figuring the pattern out… not sure that I’d have the patience to do that. :-)

    • Thanks Holly, still not sure if I even like the dresser. But it’s just in Sam’s room so I don’t have to look at it that often! lol.

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