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My husband, like my children, is not the tidiest person in the world.

Big Sigh.

So I’m not entirely sure why I agreed to help him give his work office a little makeover. I’m sure by now his beautiful new chevron rug is covered in stacks of papers and his new wooden desk has 2 dozen half empty coffee mugs.

office makeover Modern Office Makeover I told you he was messy. I didn’t even have to mess up the room to make the before and after pictures more dramatic. He had actually cleaned it before I came to take the pictures!

mens office makeover Modern Office Makeover The desk, bookcase, lamp and rug came from World Market. Everything was on sale, and I had a 15% off coupon (of course), so it was all very reasonable.

cheap wall letters Modern Office Makeover

I painted his existing white board black (it was a cheap looking laminate).

And added “Go Pack” above (he’s a NC State fan). I really wanted to find some giant vintage letters like these below.

marquee letters Modern Office Makeover

I found these amazing letters at an antique store in Greensboro, NC. But at $25-$75 a letter it was WAY over my budget. I was disappointed after not finding anything I could afford, but didn’t want to give up on the idea. While shopping at SuzAnna’s here in Raleigh I found these plastic letters that you find for sale at every antique/vintage store. And at $0.50 a letter I could actually afford it!

marquee letters on wall Modern Office Makeover Affordable letters found, but now no idea how I was going to hang them on the wall.

I ended up using command hooks. I bought 2 packs of the command strips (just the sticky back part, not the plastic hooks) and just taped it onto the letters so you won’t see the tape through the other side. I love it.

corkboard makeover Modern Office Makeover

I covered his bulletin board with 1.5 yards of leftover fabric I had. The fabric is called Premier Prints Chipper Black/White and I found it at for $7.48 a yard.

overstock chair Modern Office Makeover

And hands down my favourite thing in his office are these retro chairs I found on Overstock for under $200 for the pair.

chevron rug Modern Office Makeover This chevron rug from World Market.

light collage Modern Office Makeover There are lots of things I would have loved to have changed in this office. But I had a strict budget and only a couple of kid free hours to do it.  But overall I think it was all worth it, and way better than that before.

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  1. I’m truly amazed by the office space design. I am a big fan of carpets and dark wood table or any wood based furniture. Office space is very important that is why we really need to make it as convenient as possible.

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