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washi tape vintage mason jars Washi Tape Mason Jars

I was thrilled to find the vintage blue Ball mason jars at Target for $10 this week.

Have you found some yet?

I’m still not totally sure about the colour blue. It’s a little too vibrant, compared to the real deal. But they’re still pretty cool.

vintage mason jars Washi Tape Mason Jars

Since I’m not in love with the shiny new lids. Of course they’re not the old zinc lids with 100 years of patina. I decided to just cover them up.

If you want to ‘age’ your own lids check out Diane’s step-by-step tutorial over at In My Own Style. Isn’t that amazing?!

masonjars2 Washi Tape Mason Jars

masonjars3 Washi Tape Mason Jars

I added some washi tape to the lids, and simply wrapped some twine with little tags around the mouth of the jars.

masonjars1 Washi Tape Mason Jars

Now I can fill the washi tape mason jars with cookies, candy, or flowers for an easy hostess, teacher or thank you gift.

Super easy.

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