Ikea Here I Come

Who doesn’t like an impromtu trip to IKEA?

Oh yeah, my husband. I rushed through as fast as I could to minimize the whining. Two hours is rushing it right?

This past week we were visiting family in Toronto (you may notice the prices in the photos aren’t in US $), and I was dying to make a visit to my favourite little Swedish shop while we had baby-sitters.

Here are some of the fun things I spotted…

(Wish I had bought some of these cool things instead of $150 worth of napkins, wine glasses, sheets & toilet bowl brushes that I ended up getting.)
ikea-ps-maskrosPS MASKROS Pendant Lamp $89.99

I know IKEA has had this light forever but I still love it. I think I first fell in love with it here…

ikea-lightsource: Restyled Home


Cardboard letters covered in fabric. Smart.

fabrikor-ikeaFABRIKO Glass Door Cabinet $179.00


HEKTAR-IKEAHEKTAR Pendant Lamp $69.99

I need this light (they also had a smaller version for about $40)

ikea-nursery-artWouldn’t this elephant poster be great in a kids room?

ikea-fabricAnd this is when my husband left to get his $1.00 ice cream cone. Smart man.

9 thoughts on “Ikea Here I Come

  1. Oh my god… I havn’t been to ikea in like AGES…

    I remember the cheap hotdogs close to the checkout counter…. I used to always stop for a bite after shopping.

    Ikea is actually a good place to take my dates to. And if they have kids, I can bring them to the child minding area.

    Thanks Danielle!

  2. We went to IKEA recently (in the UK) and i did have the kids with me! They both love it but it would be so nice to get chance to look around & think without wondering what they are up to! I really loe it there however it does make me feel very discontent about our house & even more desperate to move & start a fresh.

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