Mod Melts Bumble Bee Pots

PinExt Mod Melts Bumble Bee Pots

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bumble bee clay pots Mod Melts Bumble Bee Pots

Have you seen the new Mod Podge Mod Melts and Molds yet? Mod Melts let you create your own embellishments for scrapbooking, jewelry, furniture, really anything you want.

You simply use the special Mod Melts glue sticks in a high temperature glue gun. Let the embellishment cool for 3 minutes and then pop them out of the mold.

Supplies for Mod Melts Garden Pots:

  • Mod Melts sticks
  • Mod Melts mold
  • high temp glue gun
  • acrylic paints
  • small clay pots
  • paint brush

mod melts supplies Mod Melts Bumble Bee Pots

mod podge melts mold Mod Melts Bumble Bee Pots

I did have some trouble with the little bumble bee since it has so many teeny tiny areas to fill with the Mod Melt sticks. The extra ‘glue’ that oozed over the edges had to be cut off with a pair of scissors. I found the simpler designs, like the heart and flower, much easier to work with. But I have a thing for bees, I just couldn’t resist.high temperature glue gun Mod Melts Bumble Bee PotsI fully admit that I had no clue that there are both high & low temperature glue guns. Of course the 4 glue guns that I already owned were low temperature. So I had to make a trip to the craft store to get a high temp glue gun. Be sure you are using a high temp glue gun or the sticks will not work. Take my advice so you won’t have to drag two screaming kids back to the craft store, like I did.

mod melts Mod Melts Bumble Bee Pots

Now for the fun part, you can use paint, nail polish, glitter, or shimmer mists to add colour to your mod melts. I used simple acrylic paint to paint my little bee’s a pale blue.

distressing clay pots Mod Melts Bumble Bee PotsI had these small clay pots from my last trip to Hobby Lobby. I dry brushed on a tiny amount of white paint to give the pots a bit of age. And simply glued the little bees onto the side of the pots.

Now fill with your favourite flowers and enjoy.

bumble bee garden pots Mod Melts Bumble Bee Pots

distressed clay pots Mod Melts Bumble Bee PotsSo what would you use Mod Melts for?

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PinExt Mod Melts Bumble Bee Pots
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  1. These caught my eye right away– I love making clay pot art! So happy to have new ideas with the instructions included! Wanted to wish you and your family the best in your new home!! I’m new to your site, which is now being added to my bookmarks so I won’t lose it. Take care Danielle!! <3

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