Back to School Art Display

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When Michaels puts out a Back to School craft challenge to the blogosphere, I immediately answered with challenge accepted. Then went into panic mode because I had no idea what I was going to create for this challenge.

After aimlessly wandering the aisles of Michaels I decided to make my boys their own little art display boards. A special little spot for each to show off their school accomplishments, notices, art, rewards, pictures etc.


The perfect frames. They were normally $19.99 but were 50% off, plus I had a 20% off entire purchase coupon. So for $8 I was sold.


Picked up a piece of foam board for the backing. Also 50% off with an additional 20% off coupon. Woohoo love those coupons.


And a roll of cork $14.99 (40% off coupon).


For the monogram I used my silhouette machine to cut out a stencil, but Michaels has loads to choose from (like the one pictured above).


best-green-spray-paintTo create the boys school boards I used some leftover green spray paint (Valspar Gloss Luscious Green) and gave the frames 2 quick coats.


Next I cut the foam board & cork to fit the frame (I found an E-xacto knife was the easiest way to cut both). I used spray adhesive to attach the cork to the board. And then simply placed the cork board into the newly painted frame.

I used a flat head screwdriver to push the little glazier points into the frame. They help hold the board in the frame (I had no idea that these little things were called glazier points).


I applied a thin layer of matte medium around the edge of the stencil. This prevents the paint from leaking under the stencil and creating a big mess for you.


Found these super strong magnets at Home Depot. They were so strong I couldn’t even pull them apart. So I’m crossing my fingers that they’re strong enough to hold these frames on the fridge.


Another option, is to hang at the front door with a couple of coat hooks. Perfect spot to keep coats and backpacks as the kids walk in the front door.mud-room-storage

Hope you and your kids have a great 1st day back to school. I don’t know about you but I’m secretly counting down the days.

You’ll love all the back-to-school craft supplies that Michael’s has to offer, check out their LookBook for all the fun.

And don’t forget that teachers get a 15% discount every single day at Michael’s.

Thank you Michael’s Arts & Crafts for sponsoring this post.

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9 thoughts on “Back to School Art Display

  1. Hi. This sounds like a great solution for those inevitable blowouts that are a pain in the#*! But I was wondering when you let the medium dry on the stencil and the whatever surface your a using and then paint, and pull up your stencil, does the bond between the two (barrier) pull up with the paint? And How thick and how far onto the stencils edge is the medium? And do you pull that up in m mediately as well? Thank you for taking ng the time to blog:) hope you will reply with any other tips to this project.

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  3. Still confused as where the matte medium goes? On the article being stenciled? Or on the stencil itself? Front? Back? Sorry I liked the tip but would love to know exactly how……I also work at Michaels and would love to recommend this to my customers


    • You put your stencil down on whatever it is being painted and use the matte medium to paint around the edge of the stencil. It’s basically just to seal the edge of the stencil. Let that dry and then just paint overtop of it with your actual paint. Hope that makes sense.

  4. Hi, I have a question, how do you do this – I applied a thin layer of matte medium around the edge of the stencil. This prevents the paint from leaking under the stencil and creating a big mess for you.

    Do you do it with a Q tip; is it OK to get the medium on the paper? etc, etc. I’m new to using matte medium and stenciling in general. Thank you for your time and help regarding this. Cathy

  5. This is a fun idea – I could see many of my friends liking this for their school-aged children. (Plus…it helps reduce the clutter on the fridge by hanging a special picture frame).

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