This Old Rusty Tin

An old rusty tin and a few tiny succulents probably don’t deserve an entire post dedicated to them. But I’m totally in love with them.

So here you go.

I find this old coffee tin for 20 cents at The Scrap Exchange in Durham, NC. If you are ever in the Durham area you must, must, must make a trip. It’s an entire warehouse filled with items that have been donated by industries, businesses, and individuals. All items that would normally end up in the landfill.¬†You can find the craziest things there. It’s so fun searching through all that cool stuff.

rusty-planterI found a few succulents at Lowes for a couple of dollars each and filled that tin. Maybe it’s too many. Guess I’ll find out when they all start to die.



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9 thoughts on “This Old Rusty Tin

  1. I have been wanting to plant a succulents. I even thought about it this past weekend. Maybe I need to do that this weekend to display in my kitchen. Found you at the GYB link party. Followed and liked pinterest, g+, fb and twitter. you can find me at denisedesigned for all those except twitter which is brigittedenise (and maybe even google+…brain freeze so early). Thanks.

  2. That’s so cute! I saw one of those tins at the flea market recently. You are making me kick myself for not buying it. Maybe next time. :)

  3. I wonder what wonderful things we could create in our homes if we kept some of the old cans our mothers threw out! I love this coffee can and wish they still sold coffee in cans!
    Thanks also for the info about the Durham scrap exchange. I live in Charlotte, so maybe it’s something I could plan to see sometime.
    Bless you!

    • I know what you mean I love finding old food tins. They were all so beautiful. And yes next time you’r in Durham you have to check out the Scrap Exchange it’s fantastic.

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