Sunday at the Raleigh Flea Market

My husband suggested we head to the Raleigh Flea Market this morning. I had to ask him to repeat it.

Really he’s the one suggesting a day browsing through other people’s stuff. And not just anyones stuff, like old people’s stuff.

I answered with a quick heck ya. Don’t question him, or else he’ll change his mind.

And what do you know, he actually had a good time.

Here are all the things I would have bought if I wasn’t running around like a crazy lady screaming at my kids to not touch anything.

I ended up not getting a single thing, but my boys somehow scored a bunch of cool vintage Star Wars toys. I hate when they get better stuff than me. It’s just not fair.


I really wanted to find a vintage toy truck to use as a planter, but I’m not willing to spend $25 on one. My goal is to find one for a buck, so basically I’ll never have a toy truck planter.

yellow-vintage-stoolThese industrials stools painted yellow and red were so cool.

newspaper-stand-toy-storageI thought this old blue newspaper stand would make great storage somewhere. Towel storage in a bathroom, or toy storage in a playroom or even a planter on your front porch. I’m totally kicking myself for not buying this one.

coke-cratesOf course like any good flea market they had bottle crates. I was running after the boys at this point, and didn’t even notice till I got home and looked at the picture that the bottom crate was Canada Dry. Darn, I’ve been looking for one forever.

old-bottle-crateLove the yellow and green chippy finish of this bottle crate.

blue-bookcaseThis vibrant blue lawyers bookcase caught my eye from like 4 rows over. I had to come see it.

pink-stoolThis lovely pink stool was nice and low. Perfect for a little girls room.

vintage-mason-jars-flea-marketOf course the crazy popular mason jars made an appearance.

vintage-lettersI wish I had room in my house to buy ever single letter I’ve ever come across.

4 thoughts on “Sunday at the Raleigh Flea Market

  1. My daughter used to have cheerleading competitions at the Fairgrounds, and I would browse the flea market while she warmed up. Once found some very nice vintage metal signs there. It’s probably time to go back—it’s been about 7 years!!

  2. What amazing finds Danielle! I would sooo love one of those bottle crates, and the old letters are amazing. We don’t have any good local flea markets… I really need to figure out where one is!

    • It’s a great flea market, but it’s also filled with tons of crap too. But that’s ok because that’s where the boys find all their treasures.

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