Welcome to Day 3 Getting Creative at Home Blog Tour

Have you been following the Creative at Home Blog Tour this week? It’s been so fun seeing everyone’s all time favourite blog posts.

And now it’s Day 3 so I guess that means it’s my turn.

So here it goes.

My top pinned post is my How to Use Coconut Oil to Refinish Furniture post




Refinishing Furniture with Coconut Oil

This post became so popular because it’s so simple. And that’s exactly why it’s my favourite too. Normally I spend weeks planning out a post in my head, buying the materials, completing the project and writing the actual post.

But with this post I just happened to find this charming little table at an antique market for only $25. The table only needed a good cleaning (normally the stuff I buy is destined for the  dump and needs loads of TLC). I really wanted to bring out the original colour of the old dried out wood. I just happened to have bought some coconut oil that same day, and thought why not try it on the table. It was a total whim, but it worked! It rehydrated the wood and brought out the original walnut colour.

And since I couldn’t really pick just one favourite post, here is my other favorite post.

How to Change Your Bi-fold Door to A French Door

bifold-door-makeoverTurns out there is a whole mob of people out there who really, really, really hate their bi-fold doors. Who knew?

This was another simple project that made a huge difference in my kitchen. I did it while my husband was at work so I wouldn’t have to listen to him say “this is never going to work”. Did I ever show him!

I love my new pantry door and I no longer have to struggle with it falling off the track on a daily basis. Oh yeah and I gave it a new coat of paint and a handle while I was at it.


How to Change Bi-fold Door to French Doors


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16 thoughts on “Welcome to Day 3 Getting Creative at Home Blog Tour

  1. Hi Danielle , just wanted to say that the coconut oil tip is truly ingenious ! I have been a coconut oil user for awhile , but I’ve never thought to use it for furniture ! I have 2 projects I’m working on now , so I’ll be using this technique ! Thanx soo much. For sharing ,,,

  2. Coconut oil…Yum! Great idea! I saw your bi~fold doors turned french doors and it’s one of my favorites. Our last house had 3 sets! I wish I would have seen your post back then;)

  3. Count me in as one of that mob! Love that project – so want to do this right this minute to my closet doors. Argh – another project to add to the never-ending list.


    So glad you’re on the tour – what fun this is!!!

  4. I am one of those who pinned your coconut oil tip. As is the case with a lot of my pins, I haven’t tried it yet, but this post reminded me that I need to do that. I love your bi-fold door project. How clever, and the black paint looks so pretty. I laughed about you doing it when your husband wasn’t home. I do the same thing with my projects. I know I’d have to listen to a lot of negativity if he was home when I did them. Sometimes, when he comes home, he doesn’t even notice that anything is different! laurie

  5. Hi Danielle, You had me at coconut oil. I use it on everything! It’s my fave product in the world. But I’ve never used it on my furniture. Going to have to try that. Thanks! And your bi-fold to french door idea is genius. I had bifold doors on my laundry room and I just removed them. I really disliked them. I don’t think I could do the french doors because they are double bifold but you have my wheels turning now. Great to be on the blog tour with you!

  6. I was on Hometalk when I first saw your brilliant coconut oil tip for restoring wood. I clipped and pinned right away, back then. I can’t believe how much it brings out the natural features in the wood. Glad to be on the tour with you, Danielle, now I’m clicking over to check out your French door project :)

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